I love ya Mista Bates, I know it’s not ladylike to say it… but I’m not a lady and I don’t pretend to be.

My grandmother’s a total Anglophile, so is that how I explain why I am SO VERY INTO Downton Abbey? It’s an obsession. I can’t stop talking about weekends and what they are and vapors in the electricity and accidentally killing Turkish dudes (SPOILERS, KIDS!). Crappy fake English accents ABOUND, my friends. I can’t stop. My lovely friend Andrea, who happens to be a total kick-butt librarian, had a Downton Abbey Christmas Special Party at her joint. It wasn’t Christmas, this episode took place during Christmas. That last sentence was confusing.


Well, I don’t have any early 20th Century clothing just hanging around my overstuffed closet, but some things seemed very necessary.

Gloves! Teacup! STAT!
Vaguely Pissed Off Dame Maggie Smith Face
Fancy Impractical Shoes with Bows

Is it considered gauche to post Photobooth pics? Oh well, honey boo boo children. I’m just as G-d made me.

New Favorite Earrings, Inappropriate for the Occasion
New Favorite Necklace, Inappropriate for Most Occasions

Andrea provided tea, cookies and finger sandwiches (even vegan ones for me and my man!), and access to the greatest British Christmas Special OF ALL TIME. We laughed, we cried. Literally. I gave certain characters the finger.

The highlight of the evening of was Steve the Dog in his little Tux. Was he Upstairs? Downstairs? Upstairs Downton Abbey? Mista Bates? OR JUST ADORABLE.

Steve's favorite characters include Isis (the dog from the opening sequence) and all the dogs from the hunting scenes
A dapper little champion!


Women’s Lolita Style Pink And White Spotty Full Skirt: Rooby

Pink Acyrlic Kitten Necklace and Donut Earrings– Boopsie Daisy: I’m your present 

Veiled Hat and Purple Gloves: Thrifted/Vintage

Turquoise Faux-Fur Stole: Matilda’s Vintage Curiosity Shoppe (Best Vintage Store in Astoria and Beyond!)

Kensie Girl Gail Heels in Lunar Gray:  Ideeli.com

Tights: We Love Colors

Retro Library Card Catalog T-shirt (Librarians love a good novelty T. At least, I really, really do): Cafe Press

~Libraries, Love, and Lady Grantham, Ingrid

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