ALA Mid-Winter 2012: Emerging Leaders!


I’ve Emerged! I’m honored and excited and delighted to be an ALA Emerging Leader of 2012. My project group is Librarians Build Communities and we aim to connect libraries and librarians to local volunteer opportunities. More (much more!) on that later.

I have a bang-up, kick-ass group that includes public and academic librarians from Ohio, Alaska, California, and Utah. I adore them all already. I think we can conquer the universe. They’re smart and funny and creative and organized and kind and natural-born leaders. WE CAN DO ANYTHING!

Oh. Wait. Not this.


We did a team-building exercise in which we had to build the tallest structure possible out of nothing but drinking straws and pins. We had what I thought was a great idea of what was supposed to be a pyramid structure with a sort of space needle on top. It collapsed. I stuck this monstrosity on my head at the last second and stood on top of a chair. We got a couple of laughs, but no points for weirdness or originality. Oh well. We remained cool, kind, collected and happy, so I’ll know we’ll be a great bunch of collaborators.

I have such a hard time keeping still and focused during a long meeting, but I remained interested and inspired throughout the long lectures and discussions. I’ll post later about what I think I learned about being a leader, but here’s something that really resonated with me. Coming from an urban library that is understaffed, under-resourced, and terribly underfunded, my ears really perked up when one of the speakers said that part of being a leader is:

Re-spiriting a group of people who have been embattled”

Wow. That really hit close to home. I think I teared up a bit.


Emerging from Sequins!

To the Moon Bootie (Gold Faux-Lita): Spotted Moth

Siamese Cat Circle Skirt: Vintage/Thrifted

Mustard Tights: Fanaberie (Located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn)

T-Rex Earrings: Site (Located in Astoria, Queens)

Brown Sequined Bolero Jacket (People Kept Petting it Like it was a Puppy): Vintage/Thrifted Betsey Johnson

Skull Head-Scarf: Fox and Fawn Vintage (Located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn)

More on Dallas, ALA, and Emerging Leaders very soon!

~Love, Libraries, and Leadership, Ingrid

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