In this segment, I will be sharing spoiler-free notable quotables on books I am loving the hell out of. I don’t like writing summaries–I just want to share snippets to get you hooked and reading, too. It’s an appetizer, y’all!

I want to get you all excited about The List by Siobhan Vivian. I just finished this and I can’t wait to start recommending it to patrons. Here’s another glimpse. Keep in mind, this is an ARC, so the final edition may look a little different.

The List. Source: http://www.siobhanvivian.com

 As the trail of items rolls away on the supermarket conveyor belt, Bridget avoids eye contact with the multitudes of perfect women gazing at her from behind their glossy covers, ten or so beautiful specimens preserved and protected by metal magazine racks. Their smiles appear friendly enough, but Bridget knows it’s a trap. Look too long and she’ll start comparing the shade of her teeth, the circumference of her upper arms. Scan the bolded headlines and face a list of all the things wrong with her. It is a full-on assault, a gorgeous Greek chorus pleading, begging her to pay for their secrets.

The bag boy is maybe a few years older than she is, though Bridget hasn’t given him a good enough look to tell for sure. Just a quick nod to indicate she prefers paper over plastic.

That’s when she notices him staring.

She feels the bag boy’s eyes slicing her up into parts, like the meat man in the bloody apron at the back of the supermarket. A pair of boobs, a hunk of ass, strips of thighs. The last thing he notices is Bridget’s face.

The magazine models smile on approvingly, unblinking witnesses.

~~~The List , by Siobhan Vivian, pages 240-241.

April, 2012, people! Get stoked! Oh, and follow Siobhan Vivian on Twitter, OK?

Now, onto the next ARC, already!

~Love, Libraries, and the List, Ingrid

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