I AM READING THIS SO HARD RIGHT NOW: The Fairy Ring: Elsie and Frances Fool the World, a True Story


In this segment, I will be sharing spoiler-free notable quotables on books I am loving the hell out of. I don’t like writing summaries–I just want to share snippets to get you hooked and reading, too. It’s just a little teaser, peeps.

This is another ARC I scored at ALA Midwinter. This is Mary Losure’s first book for children, and she’s certainly hopped on the super-duper-long-title-for-a-book-train. It’s a true story in a very readable chapter book form. Someone in college gave me a copy of Lady Cottington’s Pressed Fairy Book (which is more of a silly, yet fun coffee-table book), so I was already semi-familiar with the story. I truly appreciate that Losure’s presentation is heavily sourced. It contains ethereal black and white visuals to keep the reader’s interest peaked. Here’s a little something for ya:

The Fairy Ring, Elsie and Frances Fool the World, a True Story


Elsie’s father, too, got a letter from Sir Arthur.

“I have seen the very interesting photos which your little girl took,” it said. “They are certainly amazing. I was writing a little article for the Strand upon the evidence for the existence of fairies, so that I was very much interested. I should naturally like to use the photos, along with other material.”

“I heard him moan to Mother,” Elsie wrote in a letter years later, “How could a brilliant man like him believe such a thing?” How could Sir Arthur Conan Doyle be fooled?

And to think, her father said, that the great man had been bamboozled by  “our Elsie, and she at the bottom of her class.”

~~The Fairy Ring, Elsie and Frances Fool the World, a True Story, by Mary Losure, page 93.

Please keep in mind that, with an ARC, the finished product may be different than what I have documented above.

~Love, Libraries, and eLsie, Ingrid

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