TiLT it Already: Things I Love Thursday

Behold, the things that I obsess over to keep me from losing my mind.

  • Elsie on A Beautiful Mess has been experimenting with a light-sensitive fabric called Inkodye. This seems like an awesome project to do with the kids during the summer. I vaguely remember messing around with a light sensitive paper kit when I was a little kiddo. Now I just have to convince our Friends Group to buy me some.
It's fun for a girl or a boy!
  •  Manic Panic Cotton Candy Dye. I’m rocking some right now, right in the front of my hair. I mix it with conditioner so it’s super light, kinda Easter Egg-colored. Ah, the joys of being an urban librarian. No one cares how weird you look. Anyway, I told the toddler kids that I fell onto a strawberry patch. It seems to have satisfied their questions about Miss Ingrid’s freaky hair.
The Spirit of the 90s is Alive in my Hair
My hair is kinda messy here, but you can see the pink in it. Plus, I'm kissing a dog.
  • I have this amazing shirt coming to me from Fab (Fab.com is a deadly addition. Beware!). If you bring Harry Potter and David Bowie together, I am one happy camper.
All he had to do was make the scar fabulous.


  • All my ribbons from ALA Midwinter. Not as impressive as some other ribbons that cascaded to the floor, but a solid first effort, no? I especially like the, Make It Happen, Party Hard ribbon. It was bestowed upon me at a Dallas bar where I was drinking a PBR like a real Brooklyn jerk. I keep these up on my vision board because they make me really happy. Yeah. I have a vision board. Shut up.

    I am possibly the proudest Emerging Leader of all time
Way to get it in focus, Ingrid.
  • New copies of Bust and Bitch: The only magazines I read non-ironically.
Featured with the ever popular and handsome Max Transcontinental Latkes Fred and George Weasley Conley-Abrams. He's a stellar cat, always ready for a photo-op.
  • Perfect story-time dress! I want it so bad!

    I wish I could afford this! I could rock this so hard.
  • One of my (many) supervisors posted this on my Facebook wall, calling it “sappy but relevant.” I just think it’s lovely. It’s a little long, but well worth watching if you need something to make your librarian/book-loving heart leap with joy. Click without hesitation!
  • Do you participate in TiLT? Feel free to link to your own Things I Love Thursday in the comments.

~Love, Libraries, and things I Love

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