I’ll Tumbl For Ya Tuesdays

In which I raid other people’s Tumblrs for fun and profit.

Grace Kelly reading Alice


Jimmy Stewart has his library card and he's checking you out


I want to go to there


From Better Book Titles


Occupy Springfield


If I ever met Francesca Lia Block, I'd lose my mind


I will never, ever stop loving this mouthless cat


If you use search-term “librarian” on Tumblr, you get fifty thousand pictures of girls in Britney Spears Hit Me Baby One More Time-era garb and Hot Topic black-rimmed non-prescription glasses. They all say: “OMGGGGG I look like a librarian lolol”. It’s at that point I start screaming.

My apologies to any college freshmen with fake glasses that I may have offended with the previous comment. I try and keep it peppy on this site, but a girl can only take so much.

~Love, Libraries, and real Librarians, Ingrid

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