TiLT it Already!

In which I gush over booky and library-ish and fashiony things and it’s Thursday.

  • A fifth grade girl came into wanting to do a report on an animal. OK. “I need a book on a pudu.” HUH? I tried to convince her to pick another animal, as we had no pudu-related books in the entire system. But then I saw a picture of it and immediately decided to opt for online databases. How could I refuse this face?
    As soon as I saw this, we both starting making squeaky baby coos.


  • Agent Lover‘s post on great, big old 90s hair. Check out the Julia Roberts In a Suit photo for extra joy/horror.
  • These shoes would make me extra popular during story-time:
Oh, hello there


  • Born Librarian‘s post about being selected for the Newbery Committee. Congrats!
  • #Libchat on Twitter, every Wednesday from 8:00-9:30 EST. Meet other librarians, network, and talk about library issues right in the comfort of your own jam-jams. Hack Library School has a great post about how #libchat works. I hope to see you there.
  • Melissa from Mel’s Desk has a really rad and easy kaleidoscope craft idea. I think I could totally swing this:


OK, Kiddos! Check you soon. Get through the rest of this week in one piece, OK? Stay strong, librarians!

~Love, Libraries, and things I Love

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