We Will Not Be Shushed: NYC libraries get ready for the budget battle ahead

If you’ve been friends with me or reading my Twitter posts for a decent amount of time, you know that much of my year is talking about librarian budget cuts and proposed lay-offs. Well, here it comes, kids. When you pick on libraries, you’re picking on some of the poorest people in the city. I’m not talking about the librarians, but the patrons. It’s the homeless, the unemployed, and the underemployed. For many in the city, the library is their only access to computers, job help, tax help, not to mention a warm place to spend the day. So, when I’m not posting Tumblr pics and books reviews, I’ll be posting about libraries and my attempt to try and keep my job for yet another year. Oh yeah, I’ll be asking for help.

Check out Save NYC Libraries’ post for more details.

Want to help Urban Librarians Unite fight the good fight? Buy a T-shirt or a mug. Get the word out there and assist us in funding our upcoming battle. Image

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