In this segment, I will be sharing spoiler-free notable quotables on books I am loving the hell out of. I don’t like writing summaries–It’s tedious and boring and you can read recaps any old place. I like to include a passage that really stuck with me or that I feel sums up the general feeling of the book as a whole.

Glory Be‘s another book off the top of my massive ALA Midwinter ARC pile. I was taught in library school that a book that takes place in 1964 isn’t really historical fiction, but it seems to do the trick for local teachers assigning a historical fiction book report. Kids coming in with these kinds of assignments tend to want the shortest book possible (sad, but true). Anything over 200 pages sends most of them running for the door. My go-to book for slim historical fiction has been Missy Violet and Me, but Glory Be by Augusta Scattergood (great name, right?) is going to be another option I offer children looking for a quick read.


“You thirsty?” I asked. “Not much to drink around here but water unless the sno-cone truck comes by.”

“Water’s fine,” Laura said. Boy was this girl quiet. She hardly talked.

I stepped up to the tall fountain next to the Courthouse, letting the water drip down my chin, dribbling it on my wrists to cool me off. I guess I must’ve taken too long because before I knew it, Laura was standing at the other fountain.

Oh, no! I had to do something quick.

Laura.” I tugged at the back of her shirt. “That’s the wrong fountain. Can’t you read? See the sign?” I pointed to Colored Only, big as you please, written above the fountain where she’d just leaned her white face and took a long drink.

Laura stepped back and looked up at the signs above our two Courthouse fountains. She touched one fountain, then the other, turning the handles to make an arc of cold water.

“My mother told me about this,” she said. “But they both work fine. It just doesn’t seem right.”

Just then a little colored girl walked up and sat down on the hot sidewalk…

Out of the blue Laura asked that colored girl, “Would you like a drink? Do you need someone to lift you up to reach the water?” She held the girl up to the white people’s fountain to take a sip! I stood there with my mouth hanging open.

As long as I’d been alive, there were two fountains side by side here… One was for whites only, the other for coloreds. That’s the way it always had been, and here this Yankee was helping a little colored girl drink out of the wrong fountain.

~~Glory Be, by Augusta Scattergood, pages 16-17

Though I have the ARC, this came out in January of 2012. Our system already has a copy. Does yours?

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

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