TiLT it Already: Things I Love Thursdays

Oh, puppies, I am one tired potato. Thursday’s almost over and this chica needs the weekend already. But still, a TiLT just for you because you’re so pretty.

♥ I rescued these novelas from the discard pile. Not to fear, brave librarians, we don’t throw out books in good condition. These are old and beat up and the pages are falling out. I adore their covers: mostly big boobed ladies in knife-fights with alligators. How do they keep their hair so shiny and manageable? I’m hoping my man, the talented Tim Conley, can use them in an upcoming zine. Yo, this is my cat Lila. She’s the three-legged cat you’ve been waiting for.

Luna Lilatov Tonks Abrams (Lila for short), modeling the finest in library discards

♥ This has been circulating on Facebook, and after a half dozen kids needing copies of Charlotte’s Web for a report due on Monday, I feel like Stephen Colbert gets me:

I need the book yesterday

♥ Thanks to Claire from Dreams Are Necessary for making me aware of this contest to “re-cover” The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Here are some of my favorites:

♥ This Library Use Calculator from Maine State Library is blowing my mind. With visions of budget cut monsters dancing in my head, I am reminded at what a great deal the library is to the public. I’ve been calculating how many reference questions and programs I’ve done this week as well as what library services I, myself, use. Big, big numbers, baby. Leave our budget alone!

♥ If you make me animatronic kitty ears, I will waive all your library fines. These would make me even more popular during storytime:

Alright cupcakes. Bedtime awaits.

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

2 thoughts on “TiLT it Already: Things I Love Thursdays

  1. Devoted, passionate, no matter what the budget is. That a girl! At my library where 12 of us were recently laid off, 1/3 of us are working there as volunteers now. What does that say about librarians? Can I add one thing to the Stephen Colbert poster: Students, don’t wait until the last minute to ask your parents to research and write your paper. There’s your sign that personal accountability is on its way out as a trend in character development.

    1. Oh my goodness, Crystal! I am so sorry about your library. I hope things turn around for you. Is there any chance that they’ll hire you back once the budget gets better? I hope they appreciate how generous you’re being with your time!

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