TiLT it Already!: Things I Love Thursday

It’s kinda warm here in NYC and it’s making me love the universe.

♥ A sign from our day up in Albany. I agree so much it makes my brain buzz:

Can I get an Amen?


♥ You want some more of this?

Urban Librarians Unite! This makes me ridiculously happy. Christian tried to teach me how to spin a plate (that's what that stick is), but I sucked at it. I'll stick to story time.

♥ I’d love to find a way to modify this project for kids. Any ideas?

Too. Much. Adorable!

♥ I’m not an XS. But you might be, and I bet you could rock this:

Ugly and glorious all in one

♥ Is your brain fizzing in anticipation of the Hunger Games movie?

I'm going to explode


Yesterday, I reviewed The Good BraiderIn her acknowledgements section, author Terry Farish quotes Barry Lopez:

The stories people tell have a way of taking care of them.
If stories come to you, care for them. And learn to give
away where they are needed.

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

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