Thank you for participating in Free Chair Sunday/Gratuitous Pictures of a Really Beautiful Day in Astoria

It’s sunny and beautiful and perfect in Astoria! I had a panic attack this morning centered around the following theme: “ALL I DO IS WORK AND SLEEP!” The best man in the world, Tim, dragged my butt out of the apartment and almost immediately, my entire mood turned around.

First of all, we became aware of Free Chair Sunday, a holiday we just made up. We found this chair and it’s amazing. It’s simple and comfy and a perfect forest green color. Hey, NY-ers, don’t be a dumb ass and pick up chairs from the street. Bedbugs and stuff. No one ever said we were smart. We sprayed it with an awful buggy-killing poison and brought it home.

I can't say no to that. No. No can do.
Sorry, ladies! He's taken.

Doesn’t he look handsome in my hoodie? Yeah, we’re the same size. He’s a skinny minnow and I’m curvy/chubby/euphemism so we can share clothes. The major upside to this is that I love stealing his Black Flag t-shirt.

Ask me to name a Black Flag song. I dare you.

Nothing makes me feel better than a good old thrifting experience, so we headed over to The Second Best Thrift Shop in Astoria. On the way, prettiness abounded. Or maybe I was just in a good mood, being off from work and being with my boo.

Along the way, the following:

This cat was just chilling in his apartment and I said, "Hey, boo!" and he sidled onto the ledge all fancy-like.
I don't need friends. I have cats.
I just loved this mint-green fire escape. Did you know that the fire escape is the working-man's balcony? Pass it on!
Gnome Literacy for Life!
Posing with some tacky statue and rocking my white girl's pompadour.

What do you think of the blingy gold necklace? I got it super cheap from Fab and I’m trying to swing a modern, feminine Run DMC thing.

We finally hit The Second Best Thrift Shop and I said, “I feel like I’ve come home.” It’s stacked to the brim with absolute wonderfulness. I saw paintings and clothes covered in sequins and cushy velveteen couches and 1950s dinnerware and vintage scarves and everything I love.

Behold! The motherland. It's right off the N/Q, kids.
A thrifty wonderland
We did a lot of oohing and ahhhing over this bumblebee yellow TV.

I purchased quite a few things– here’s a little sampling. I will say that Maria’s prices are totally reasonable and that she haggles like a lady. She and The Second Best Thrift Shop are an absolute delight and I can’t wait to go back. I treasure a good thrift store.

Ingrid Bergman (my namesake!) and the cowardly lion on what is either a throw or a curtain. It's now draped over our ugly couch, which is now less ugly.
Another piece of the throw. We're taking kitsch to new levels.

This velvety pillow was the first thing in the store that I knew I needed:

Tim loves pillow

Digging his Rollins and Danzig tee? I scored it at Microcosm Publishing.

After our thrifting/gorgeous day adventure, Tim made us some amazing Bloody Marys with Old Bay seasoning (I lived in Baltimore. I put Old Bay on any old thing) and we stared at the cat.

The background is messy 'cause we're a bunch of sloppy broads
Did she ever know that she's my hero? And everything I wish I could be?

More pictures from this perfect day to come.

~Love and not thinking about Libraries for once, Ingrid

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