WWWBLT?: What Would Weetzie Bat Listen To?

Flavorwire has this totally lovely feature that they call the Literary Mixtape. It’s basically a list of songs inspired by a literary character. They’ve done mixtapes for Alice in Wonderland, Lady MacBeth, Veruca Salt, and many others. I love this feature. I’ve saved most of them to my Spotify playlists, even in the case of characters that I wouldn’t be particularly interested in otherwise.


I started thinking that Weetzie Bat really needed her own list. Hell, I’ll give Weetzie whatever the hell she wants. Francesca Lia Block’s books have nurtured the hell out of my angsty-cranky-anti-socialite-y soul. If Weetzie needed a kidney, I’d give it to her. In lieu of a literary kidney, though, I give you Weetzie’s blue glitter-tinged playlist:

The Cardigans, Happy Meal II: Actually, I think Weetzie probably owns all the Cardigans albums. She listens to them when she washes the dishes.
Mundy, To You I Bestow

Lykke Li, Dance, Dance, Dance

Sia, Electric Bird
James, She’s a Star:This video is brilliant, using footage from All About Eve. I think Weetzie would approve of all this Hollywood glamour and the finale with Marilyn Monroe.
Prince, A Case of You (a Joni Mitchell cover): “Remember you said love was touching souls?”
Dum Dum Girls, There is a Light (a Smiths cover): For the darker, angstier Weetzie moments. We all have bad days.
Feist, Mushaboom
Bjork, Hidden Place: It kinda looks like Bjork is nakes in this video. I don’t think you can actually see anything scandalous, but it might be a good idea to tell your boss to take a hike.
The Bird and the Bee, La La La
Stina Nordenstam, Little Star: Yes, yes, the second song I’ve picked from the Romeo and Juliet soundtrack. So what, big butt? I imagine Weetzie singing this song to Cherokee and Witch Baby at bedtime. It’s got a dreamy quality that I think Cherokee would dig, but kind of creepy lyrics that Witch Baby could tolerate.
Polyphonic Spree, Wig in a Box (Hedwig and the Angry Inch Cover): You know Weetzie loves her some Hedwig. The Polyphonic Spree version just gives it that extra happy jolt.
Komeda, B.L.O.S.S.O.M.: More boppy, less dreamy than my other choices.
Tullycraft, Glitter and Twang
Throw in some Cocorosie, Florence + the Machine, Animal Collective, ‘Allo Darlin’, Nina Simone, and some RuPaul dance mixes, and you’ve got yourself a Weetzie Bat-mitzvah!
I’d like to think of Weetzie and Cherokee and Dirk and Witch Baby listening to these songs and bopping around their sequined, feathery house. Is it normal to be jealous of fictional characters? Never mind, I actually quite desperately need to believe that Weetzie is real.
For those who truly love this book, talking about it or reading about it probably feels really personal. Do you feel like I’m way off in the musical selections? Hey, post your angry rants in the comments section. I can take it!
Wait! No, I can’t. Be nice.
~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

11 thoughts on “WWWBLT?: What Would Weetzie Bat Listen To?

  1. Kat Allee

    Once again, you’ve nailed it, Ingrid. Weetzie and Witch aBaby’s ears are safe in your musical arms. And I hope that jumbled metaphore makes even the slightest bit of sense. 🙂

  2. LisaE

    I like this, A LOT.
    And you’ve hit it right on the head in terms of a personal feeling for this book.
    Weetzie can have anything she wants from me, too!
    Thanks for the rad playlist, goning to compile it when I’m home tonight.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I hitched up most of this playlist on Spotify, though I couldn’t locate *all* the songs on there. Thank you for reading. Don’t you think there should be a Weetzie Bat Fan Club?

      1. LisaE

        Um, most definitely! Prerequisites for inclusion are sparkly scarves, kohl-lined eyes, and fuchsia hair (either currently fuchsia or fuchsia-ed at one point in your life!) Love it!

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