TiLT it Already: Things I Love Thursday

I’m not going to lie, chica-cupcake-delights. I’m having a bad, bad week. I’m just a stressy, sad little monster of doom. Gala Darling recently talked about Mercury being in retrograde, so, if you’re having an inexplicably crappy couple of days as well, read here. And buck up, little camper. Here’s some stuff that has been breathing joy into my cold, cold heart:

My mentor, my buddy, my honorary big brother has been named one of Library Journal’s Movers and Shakers of 2012! Sometimes great things happen to my friends and I get jealous as hay-ell. But Christian (CEO of Urban Librarians Unite) is far too deserving for me to get all fussy. Just look at this badass!

Save NYC Libraries!


♥ Did I mention that my copy of Pink Smog came in?

♥ Here’s another gem I got from The Second Best Thrift Shop:

10 bucks, yall!

But the back is what’s most darling about this little painting:


#thelibraryisopen hashtag and segment on RuPaul’s Drag Race makes me extra happy.

Get out your library cards, ladies!

♥ These new banners I got from Fab.com:

Living Room

♥ Listening to Chime on my morning commutes. Susan Duerden has a great voice!


♥ Oh, babies. I need some protecting. Citrine is supposed to radiate positive energy and combat depression. I just got myself some of this:

Etsy to the rescue


Here’s what it looks like on a cat:

Max Transcontinental Latkes Fred and George Weasley Conley-Abrams Modeling the Latest in Anti-Evil Gem-ware

♥ My first of many deliveries from Birchbox:

Sick'ning, no?
Can you see them? I can't tell if I like them yet. They're kinda sticky. Please tell me if I look like a moron.

In not happy news, my idol, my savior, Francesa Lia Block is in huge danger of losing her house. Please read about it here and vow to do something about it. She is a treasured author and person.

~Love and Libraries and Save Francesca Lia Block’s House, Ingrid

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