I’ll Tumbl For Ya Tuesdays

Francesca Lia Block linked to my Weetzie Bat post and I got over 150 hits yesterday! Craziness! I got readers from Austria and Turkey and France and it’s just so cool! So, if you’re still reading, hi everybody! Please comment and say hello. That’s what Google Translate is for.

I’ll Tumbl for ya Tuesdays is my fun little way of raiding other people’s Tumblr sites and stealing/borrowing/coveting mostly library-related photos. Have a literary-themed Tumblr? Send the link my way! Sharing is caring chica-cheeks!

Lucille looking librarian-ish in a way I never, ever could


Dear people on the librarian tag,

wearing glasses does not make you a librarian, nor does it make you look like a librarian. 

You’d be surprised what actual librarians look like, because we don’t all look the same.


"Children led astray by the Bronx Traveling Library, Westchester Square branch, New York"


Still waiting on my acceptance letter...


"Chelsea Staub as Weetzie at the LA reading of the Weetzie Bat screenplay."


These make me so cozy

[source, previous 2]

Are you jumping out of your skin? I am. I AM JUMPING OUT OF MY SKIN.


In other news, I am reading novels faster than I can write them up on this blog. #librarianworldproblems. Also, I am typing on my man’s computer because mine stupidly died because it’s stupid.

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

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