TiLT it Already: Things I Love Thursday

“I’m empty and achy and I don’t know why.” So let’s talk about the things that make me happy and maybe I’ll stop acting like a total grumperella.

Do not doubt my commitment to sparklemotion
That's dirty

♥ One of my new favorite hashtags: #thankateacher, part of Thank a Teacher Thursdays from MAT@USC (Master of Arts in Teaching from the University of Southern California). They were super sweet enough to have a Library Edition of Thank a Teacher Thursdays. My boo Rita and I were featured along with many other rad librarians. What an honor! Isn’t it nice when nice people do nice things? It makes me feel nice.

♥ Speaking of boos, my main man-boo, Tim, taught a kick-ass zine-making class at my library! Best boyfriend ever! Here are two of my favorite pics:

Who got him this typewriter? His awesome girlfriend, that's who! BARF!
I don't know who made this rad-ass flying kitty zine, but it's the JAM.

♥ This kind of reflects the excessive amount of holds I placed this week (mostly Stonewall Book Award books and magic realism):

♥ I got my first Birchbox in the mail today! What’s a Birchbox? What? Don’t you read indie fashion blogs? Obsessively? Like me? For 10 bucks you get 5 deluxe beauty samples. Need an invite? Click here. Here’s what I got:

Eeee! Surprises!
Perfume, teas, and Orofluido hair serum

This Orofluido stuff is the BOMB. It makes my hair smell amazing, doesn’t turn my bleached hair a freaky yellow color, and now it almost looks healthy.

Stila eyeshadow! Nail polish! This is what dreams are made of.

♥ I have the best kids at my library. Bad Sandra made me a necklace:

Bad Sandra is not bad! She rocks my universe.
She said she got the shell in Mexico.

Good Sandra made me uh-MAZE-ing earrings, which I will take pictures of when I stop looking like death warmed over.

Urban Librarian’s Unite’s recap of our trip to Albany. We did some guerilla reference, dressed as super heroes, and kicked general butt! There’s also a link for NY-ers to click to contact your state legislators to let them know you approve of the current deal to increase State Aid to libraries.

Christian, Lauren, and Me!

Fab.com currently has so much awesome stuff for librarians and the dorks who love them. This stuff only hangs around the site for a day or two, so get on it now:

May your t-shirts be ever in your size
I know it's not ladylike to wear it, but I'm not a lady.
I wear banned books.

Cheer up, buckaroos! The weekend is nearly here. Kisses from library-land! I brushed my teeth and everything.

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

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