Miss Ingrid Explains it All, just for you, boo-boo

I can’t stand when kiddos are sad. If they’re too upset to talk about it in person, I will give them my personal email address. This is my answer to a girl whose mother found out that she was wearing makeup in school. Said kiddo, whose name will not be mentioned to protect her awesomeness, got super-sad face because her mom was extra mad at her. When the kiddos are sad, I’m sad, OK? We looked at pictures at Cute Overload (which is an excellent temporary fix for 95% of all problems) until she was ready to tell me about the makeup incident.

The librarian is in:

5 cents? Please. It's all free, gurl, 'cause the library is good like that.


Dear Child whose name is too rad to mention, it shall not be spoken, like Voldemort, the Dark Lord, but you’re not evil, you’re just an awesome tween who wants to wear makeup:

Poor boo boo.

1) You don’t need makeup. You’re very pretty (and smart to boot! Smart is more important, by the way, but I’m getting off topic).

2) However, I know makeup is fun (that’s why I wear it, it’s like Arts and Crafts, but on your face!) so maybe you can work out something where you can wear a little around the house (and not school)? Or just clear lip gloss to school? TALK TO YOUR MOTHER, OK, sunshine?

3) Your mom’s a nice lady. Ask her what her reasoning is. Ask her why you can’t wear makeup. Maybe she has a really good reason. You’re her little girl, and I know she wants to protect you.

4) Makeup is kind of a grownup thing. Grownup things can be cool, but please enjoy just being a kiddo as long as you can. I know you won’t believe me, but you’ll miss being a kid when you’re older. There’s this semi-cheesy poem: “Backward, turn backward, O Time, in your flight, Make me a child again just for tonight!” Haha, I just tricked you into reading poetry. Suckah!

It’s going to be OK. Trust me on that.

What kind of advice would you have imparted?

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

P.S.: This was our favorite video on Cute Overload:

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