TiLT it Already: Things I Love Thursday

I’ve got an attitude of gratitude. Or, at least, I’m trying. I’ll fake it ’til I make it.

I've got some glitter and twang for your heart

♥ My buddies at Geeks Out were rad enough to share this. X-Men/Facts of Life mash-up? Sure. Why not?

Girls! Girls!


♥ My friend Honey plastered this on my Facebook page. If you ever wondered what I do at my apartment all day:

Cat Lady 4 Life

♥ It’s hard to write blog posts when Lila just wants to sit on the keyboard. It’s made of warm!

I live for cuddles with Luna Lilatov Tonks CATniss Everdeen Abrams.

♥ This Gala Darling article came at just the right time:

The reason we put off these things is because we feel like our days are so jam-packed already. We think that “someday”, when things slow down, we’ll seize the moment & start on our dream project. Realistically, though, life never slows down — & when we’re able to get a break from the daily grind, we’re usually so exhausted that we spend the day in bed! Life is always going to be crazy, but I want to encourage, cajole & persuade you to take some time for yourself. If you don’t carve out time for yourself, who will? NO ONE! Yes, it might be a bit inconvenient, & you may need to pawn off some of your responsibilities for a week, but it can be done. Chin up, soldier!….Decline all social invitations during this period…..

I am not a machine!

Agent Lover interview with Francesca Lia Block! GIRL CRUSH OVERLOAD!

♥ Heh. Hehhee.



♥ Hey, all! I’m super excited to get painting and working and crafting and thinking for Urban Librarian Unite’s upcoming budget battle to the death! Please come say hi!

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

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