I’ll Tumbl For Ya Tuesdays

It’s that time of the week, friends, when I delve deep into the librarian-tag on Tumblr, past the pictures of scantily-clad co-eds in lens-less Hot Topic glasses to bring you the finest in nerdy, bookish, lovely pictures and videos.

Expecto Awesomesauce


I love scrolling through Kitsch Witch's tumblr.


I meant to post this last week, but whoopsie doops. These chicks are national treasures. If the title of the song doesn’t tell you it’s NSFW, you’re in big trouble, sister.


I love you Stephen Merritt!


Here’s a bonus, bookish Magnetic Fields song, just for you. OK, it’s just for Tim:

Just don't let him drive the bus.

I live for this.

[source, above 2]

I've had Delirium on the brain a lot, lately. In fact, I smell a Delirium-inspired playlist in this blog's future.


Love and Libraries, Ingrid

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