Thrifting Adventures and Secrets/Shhhh!

My day off turned into a fortuitous, serendipitous thrifting expedition with Mackenzi from my favorite store in Astoria, SITE. Here’s the deal though, folks. I will not share Mackenzi’s thrifting secrets with you. I won’t reveal the stores. She’s mad taller than me and knows where I live. Here’s some pics of mostly things I did not buy, because I have some restraint. Some. A little.

A little overpriced for my taste, but she's pretty slammin'. That cat is totally gonna eat that fish, gurl. Watch out!

The blue kitty was pretty rad as well. I love sad-eyed figurines.
These two should totally make out.
More Duran Duran pins than I could even bother to photograph.
Back when tan wasn't orange.
I was so tempted by this.
This thing was *hilarious*. Also another intense temptation.
Actually purchased. 3 dollar bargain and a total delight.
I actually bought this too. From the cover of a 1971 gossip mag called PHOTOPLAY. My mom said the answer to this is insulin shots.
I didn't ask her about this.
This is not the first nor the last representation of Titania and Bottom that will grace my apartment.
My new Barbie Easy Reader!
I even did an impromptu storytime for the dudes at the cash register. At the end of the day, I'm an educator.

More purchases in upcoming posts. Stay tuned, you fancy librarians and bibliophiles.

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

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