Coming Soon from a Badass Librarian Near You: Urban Librarians Unite Kicks into Gear

Two big to-dos in the works for Urban Librarians Unite.

For this one, you totally don’t have to be an NYC resident. Or even a librarian. We all know that you’re a library LOVAH. Let’s make out.

Does your life look like this? Want to put your ARCs to better use?
  1. CALL FOR ARCS! This goes on until May 4th. You have mad time to help save NYC’s libraries!
    Is your office cluttered with ARCs (Advanced Readers Copies/Galleys/Pre-Pubs)? We are your answer! Once again the mayor’s proposed city budget slashes libraries and once again Urban Librarians Unite and Save NYC Libraries are ramping up to push right back. You know us, we are the people who have the 24 Hour Read In, the Zombie Librarian March over Brooklyn Bridge, we hugged the 42nd Street Library, you know us. Well we have big big big things afoot this year and your legions of leftovers can be part of it. Those tired old books despairing under dust in the corners can have new life as part of a dynamic library advocacy campaign.We don’t want to make too many of the details public yet but it will be a citywide campaign that will attract a lot of press. Join us for some literary activism and be part of our book badassery.

    Don’t worry, this will be easy. Drop us a note and we will fill you in on more of the details and coordinate pickup. Better yet, bring all your friends, colleagues, and officemates in on the deal for even more umph and an even easier time of it. You can go ahead and mail us your extras at:

    Urban Librarians Unite
    402 Graham Avenue
    PMB 187
    Brooklyn, NY 11211

    Please note that PMB 187 part of the address, it’s kinda wicked important.

    If you have questions or want to coordinate pickup then please drop us a note at:

       2. For this one, it would help to be an NYC resident. It’s Save NYC Libraries Build #2! Welcome to the SECOND big Save NYC Libraries Build. Come out and sew, wordsmith, brainstorm, and paint. We will be working on all kinds of things at these regular events including banners, street theater stuff, blog ins, and more. We welcome everyone who wants to get involved and hope you will join us there. AGAIN, you don’t have to be a librarian. You just have to pitch in. Many hands lighten the load.

We’ll be at  Lutheran Church of the Messiah, 129 Russell Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222, on April 13th at 6PM. That’s Greenpoint, y’all. We’ll be there until 9.

This Friday bring your painting clothes, some brushes, a pair of good grownup scissors, and your best tunes to help build a megabanner and another super cool, super secret (until you see it) project!

One more build coming soon!

Save NYC Libraries!

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

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