TiLT it Already: Things I Love Thursday

Girls, come and kiss me. Show how you’ll miss me. But get me to the weekend on time!

♥ Happy belated Easter! Here’s a rabbit outfit that I wore to a totally non-Easter related party!

I was actually playing a character named prophecy bunny....it's a long story...
Another great Party City find.

Party City? I accidentally summoned Phi Phi O’hara….again!

Go away! I hate you.

♥ My table is finished!

Mint Green paint, circular 2" hole punch, pictures from a 1970s Seventeen magazine, a book on uniforms, and some old Hollywood books.
Playboy bunnies and 1970s catalog girls.

Chippendale's dancers happily co-exist with Japanese schoolgirls.
From the back of some Japanese magazine that I didn't even understand what it was about.

Tim looking ahdorbz with our SITE fake-o glitter lollipop.

He does NOT represent the Lollipop Guild. He is the apex of hardcore.

♥ My mom’s garden:

A poem:
She has a green thumb
I have none.
Sometimes I like to sit in the garden, real still and pretty-like.
We have a little pet cemetery. This is my childhood bestie Emma and I still miss her a lot.
Current bestie, Beau. I gave him that neckerchief. Doesn't he look dashing?

♥ Now that my table’s done, I have a new project in the works. Whatever could I be up to?

Everyone needs a little Edie.
Mint Green obsession.

I purchased these for my mystery craft project. The awesome Etsy seller still has some left.

Tiny glitter matchboxes

♥ I forgot where I found this. Sorry!

Put a bird on him.

♥ Peek-a-Ru!

Panem Realness

♥ In case you haven’t noticed, I’m total Team Rue. Can’t help it.


♥ Today’s outfit:

Hunger Games T, Cub Scout Realness!

Cub scout shirt from Thrifting Adventure Extravaganza!

Hunger Games shirt from Fab.

♥ Health Store Kittehs!

All your soy are belong to me...ow.

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

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