How to Dress Like a 30-Something Urban Librarian: Fake Cub Scout Edition

I’m a fake-o cub scout in a spaceship skirt.

I make this face after working the late night.

I'm not a cub scout! Psych! Rofflemayonnaise.
Nothing classes up a spaceship skirt like a seashell belt.
What? You didn't know I could pretend to play guitar?
I don't know how I'm being braver: Letting someone photograph my legs or letting you see how messy my bedside table is. Special guest appearance by Luna Lilatov Tonks CATniss Everdeen Abrams. Focus on her.
Obligatory quirky girl face. RRRRREOW.

Cub Scout Shirt: Thrifted

Hunger Games Shirt: Fab

Spaceship Skirt: Roobys

Belt and Scarf: Thrifted

Earrings: by Good Sandra

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

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