WWDLT?: What Would Delirium Listen To?

I bring you another literary playlist. This time it’s dedicated to the queen of my graphic novel universe: Delirium from Neil Gaiman‘s Sandman Series. Yeah, I’d like to be as cool as Death and wouldn’t even dare to fantasize what it would be like to be Desire and I have my moments where I’m about as bearable as Despair, but I’ve always been a Delirium girl.

She's like a Cyndi Lauper/Tori Amos/Luna Lovegood mash-up.
And she's not always beautiful. Delirium is sometimes all angles and awkwardness.

[source, above 2]

She’s got a lot of little girl lost meets manic pixie dream girl in her, but she’s powerful as fuck. I would never cross her.

Yeah. I ain't want somma that.


She was once known as Delight before she morphed into Delirium, so there’s always this underlying sadness hiding behind all the butterflies and rainbow words and chocolate people making love. I want to take care of her and be with her and sometimes feel myself being just like her. Why does Neil Gaiman write women so well? How did he make sure Delirium didn’t end up being a giant “Oh, she so cray-cray” punchline? I’m not sure. But I’m glad she’s out there in the literary universe just waiting for when I need her.

This playlist is for Delirium, formally Delight. I sometimes wish I wasn’t like her at all, but she means well, does her best despite her shortcomings, can be remarkably kind, and is a force to be reckoned with. So I love her.

E is for Sketchy, e is for Sketchy, k is for Sketchy Galore.

The words I made up to this song make more sense than the actual ones.

Nearly all the time, the inside of her mind sounds just like this.

I’m walking to the sound
of distant bells
So peaceful I don’t know who I am
And just when I think its clear
It turns all grey again
And I wonder who will
find me in the snow


The Beatles version wasn’t broken-piano-y enough for Delirium.


Queens in drag, they’ll surely fake you…We might have our freedom but we’re still on crack


You know Alice is Delirium’s homegirl.

Preach, sister, preach.


Delirium would so pop someone’s head like a balloon.


I include Phanta because it’s creepy, it’s got a narrative, they’re clearly going somewhere with this, but I’ll be the first to admit I have no idea what the hell is going on here.

When one’s talking about confusion, it’s best to have an Icelandic soundtrack.

I have been known to eat the same meal when particularly upset.


I would hope that Daniel Johnston and Delirium could be friends.

I end with this, because, despite Delirium’s moods and emotions that flow like a river, I ultimately think of her as a hopeful character. I would hope that she would dance to this and there would be rainbow jazz hands:

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid


5 thoughts on “WWDLT?: What Would Delirium Listen To?

  1. Carol Saulsbury

    I enjoy your posts very much. Do you get a lot of people trying to get you to help them figure out what the lost books of their childhood were?

    1. Thanks for reading. When I worked at a subscription library that contained many older children’s titles, I got that sort of question all the time. It can definitely be a nostalgia trip to find your favorite books from childhood. I don’t get those kinds of questions much anymore, but I still enjoy them! ❤

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