Rekked Store Day

Happy belated Record/Rekked Store Day! Someone on Twitter asked why librarians seemed so into Record Store Day. For me, it’s part nostalgia. My mom gave away my Fisher Price record player to the church white elephant sale in 1992 and I’m still not over it. I used to do a lot of interpretive dances to my Billy Ocean Caribbean Queen single. I’LL NEVER GET THOSE DAYS BACK. My love of records also stems for my love of torch singers, hard to find children’s records (which I burn onto discs to play at Toddler Time), and kitsch. I find amazing things that just couldn’t be found on iTunes/Spotify/etc. Records shopping is a fortuitous, serendipitous little scavenger hunt and it makes me really, really happy. I visited the small but awesome Co-0p 87 and Permanent Records, both in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Outside Co-op 87
Will 2 Not OK

Here’s some of my rad-ass purchases at Co-op 87. They have a fabulously curated Cheescake (or what I call Kitsch) Section:

I'm a professional photographer. Hire me for your wedding or bat mitzvah. Your relatives have never looked so blurry.
She's so cute.

Sorry, every damn time I think of Barbra I think of Brit Murphy talking about her gay brother in Drop Dead Gorgeous and then my mind jumps here:

The mind works in mysterious ways. RIP Brit-Brit. Now back to records.
A saucy lookin lady from the cover of an album with MexiCali Brass covers of Hello Dolly and Mame.
The cashier (owner?) confided in me that he was saving this for his library of "Albums Sung by Women who Appeared in Woody Allen Movies". RAD. Oh well, it's mine. I hope he finds another.
Favorite find! Contains the original version of the They Might Be Giants song Why Does the Sun Shine.

I love this song! I used to sing this to the kids I nannied for. It’s a good song to belt out when you’re pushing them on the swings.

On my way to Permanent Records, the following:

And that is a story that can never be beat when I say that I saw it on Huron St.
Kooky, kitschy wrapping paper for my Mystery DIY project. Purchased from The Thing on Manhattan Ave.
Little libraries on the sidewalk. Little libraries made of ticky-tacky.
This is not funny. Not even in jest. #blech

Ah! Here we are at Permanent Records where I dropped a wad-o-cash for some new-old vinyl. 20-some-odd bucks for a whole huge-ass stack-o-rekkeds!

Here’s just a few of my purchases:

So excited for this one. OMGosh.
No idea who she is, but she's working it. I take lots of risks in the 3 for 5 dollar bin.
I rarely purchase comedy albums, but this was too weird/good to pass up.
Look at all these Gentiles having a super awesome time!

I have so many (more) rad records now. I think my job should give me a paid vacation to listen to all of them and delve further into the monster stack of books in my living room.

What did you get on Record Store Day, cupcake?

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

2 thoughts on “Rekked Store Day

  1. Record store day! You know they just don’t make album covers like they used to. Thank god for record cover hilarity & awesomeness. Also, so MANY are so un-politically correct!

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