TiLT it Already: Things I Love Thursday

Here’s the first TiLT in quite a while. I won’t talk about how busy I am, because everyone else is too and that’s boring as hay-ell. Let’s just step back from our nutso lives for a second and take a deep breath. Gods of the library, please deliver me through the end of June’s Emerging Leaders poster session and past the end of advocacy season.

♥ Bestest library advocate and kickass author Marilyn Johnson shared this on her Facebook page. Have you read This Book is Overdue?:

Mizz Marilyn has a new book coming out, too.

♥ This nearly made me snort. I’m a dork.

Children’s Librarian Humor.

♥ The Friends of Carroll Gardens Library have been posting some pretty high-larious photos of recent book donations:

I’m confused by this whole thing, but that is a face I make a lot.
I find this cover too arousing to efficiently comment on it.

Need these books? Head over to the Carroll Gardens branch of Brooklyn Public Library on Saturday, May 19, between 10 AM and 4 PM.

♥ I am super obsessed with Rookie Mag. Like really. Like I’ve read most of it. Oh, it’s an online magazine for teens. TEENS. Oh well. It’s entertaining, insightful, and is far better than anything that was offered to me as a teen. I love their style and music sections and I am way out of their target demographic. Plus, my girl crush Agent Lover writes for them. For a little introduction to Rookie Mag, check out the Lila Fowler Style Icon entry. Who’s Lila Fowler? SERIOUSLY? Everyone knows the Fowlers! They’re way rich.

I’d love to see her get into a fist fight with Blair Waldorf.
Check out that rainbow Trapper Keeper. DANG.

[source, above 2]

Next time the tweens and teens are bugging you, send ’em over to Rookie.

♥ Speaking of mad style, a total highlight of my weekend was watching Ziegfeld Follies with my boo. It’s not on Netflix streaming, but my trusty library had a copy. I’m glad I read the IMDB page, because I had wondered how Lena Horne felt about her awful costume and the terrible production value of her segment. Now I know. This is one of the two movies where Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire dance together. Anyway, here’s my favorite segment. It stars my girl, Judy:

What? This old thing?


♥ Zines! I took a trip to Bluestockings and picked up a bunch of magic:

Three legged cats support zinesters.
From the inside of Big Zine, Little Zine.

More information about these zines: Homos in Herstory, Big Zine, Little Zine, Adventures in Menstruating, and What’s Normal Anyway?

♥ So many books, so many…When will I have time? I’ll hoard these until I have a moment:

♥ Speaking of Drag Queens, I am mourning the end of another season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Luckily, (London, Paris) Milan tweets to me once in a while. My girl was voted off way too soon:

I’m not freaking the hell out with insane squee-ing or anything…I LOVE YOU MILAN!
Haha! NO.

Follow Milan on Twitter, OK y’all? Milan’s a doll.

♥ I am not into Pinterest (yet) but I can’t help but appreciate Francesca Lia Block’s Pink Smog page:



♥ Working on my top secret and always in progress DIY project. I purchased the following little trinkets/knick knacks:

Day of the Dead skull, sphere of copper, piece of jet, chunks of citrine.

Skull from Huitzilli, Gems from Rock Star.

Diego and Frida.

Glitter shadow box also from Huitzilli.


Little three legged pig from Fuego 718, one of my favorite stores in Brooklyn. The guy who owns it is the best. There’s always lots of bright colors, glitter, and the B-52s on the radio.

♥ My ever evolving vision board:

As sparkly as I want to be.

♥ And I’ll conclude with this:

Every Thursday needs Ryan Gosling. He gets us.

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

2 thoughts on “TiLT it Already: Things I Love Thursday

  1. There’s so much good stuff in this post! How awesome is Rookie Mag? Tavi is so rad, I just want to hang out with her and listen to bikini kill. My public library has a zine section which anyone can submit their zine, and they even have these awesome brown paper bags to carry them home in. ❤

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