TiLT it Already!: Things I Love Thursday

Like winter, ALA is coming. Are you excited/petrified? I know I am quaking in my stylish yet sensible boots. Non-librarians probably don’t know what ALA is (unless you’re lucky enough to have a library-obsessed family member/significant other), but maybe it’s all better this way.

My name is Ingrid, and here’s some stuff that I love:

♥ Did you see the SNL 50 Shades of Grey skit? If not, here it is. Have you read it yet? I’m like 3,401st in line on the 30 million person hold list. I’ll get it next year and only last about 20 pages before I give it up for something post-apocalyptic. If the title 50 Shades of Grey didn’t let you know this isn’t safe for work, I’m telling you now, boo-boo.


Francesca Lia Block loves me. It is now a fact.

We’re talking about Obama’s marriage equality announcement and RuPaul. Naturally. But you did see that Francesca Lia Block loves me, right?

♥ I heart this little pep talk from Goodnight Little Spoon:

I love these nice, simple little reminders. Lord knows I need them. We’ll see about this “tiny dinner” business, though.

WORD is my favorite Brooklyn bookstore. Their Facebook updates are the best:

Librarians and booksellers live for this.

♥ Snort.


♥ Agreed.

♥ It’s getting too warm for anything other than bare legs, but I’ve got my DIY eye on these tights:

The instructions at Pineneedle Collective make this how-to look pretty easy.


I probably couldn’t swing these, but luckily Jenn (aka Clever Girl) sells them in her Etsy shop.


I reviewed Where’s My Wand by Eric Poole a while ago and he wrote back to me on Twitter! My MLS professor said that children’s librarians are the worst offenders in the realm of author worship, and I totally fall into this category. I can’t help it! I love that, on Facebook and Twitter, I can open my browser to find that some rad author has left me an awesome message. I hope I never get over how cool this is.


Fab.com has this rad shirt. You HP dorks are with me on this one, right?

Weasley is our king, yo.

Marge Loch-Wouters, in her amazing blog Tiny Tips for Library Fun, gets super sweet and complimentary in this post, Leaving With Class and Style. Marge also mentions another post about a librarian leaving her library. Check it out. Anyway, Marge, I hope I can live up to your expectations. I’m trying.

♥ These Poetic License shoes, nearly new, that I found for 10 bucks at Goodwill. BEOW! Now I just need to learn how to walk in them without looking like a dork.

Serving Minnie Mouse realness.

♥ Everything that Donald Glover does or says. This I love. I’d like to post a Childish Gambino song, but I don’t wanna get all NSFW up in this joint. Just look up Outside or Heartbeat on Spotify already.

Leap into my arms.
He wants to be the boy with the most cake.
I always make passes at boys who wear glasses.


♥ This sign we found in Astoria. I guess I could look up what goes on at the Cabaret Mermaids Go Go Sports Bar, but that would ruin the visions I have of mermaids lounging on grand pianos and singing The Man Who Got Away.

It’s probably better in my head.

♥ I’m still obsessed with Rookie Mag and you should be too. I really want to make a million of these corsages for myself. I might give them a go as a tween Arts and Crafts project at my new library.

If I can find these corsage bases, I will make a thousand of these.

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

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