Macmillan Fall 2012 Preview: 3 Word Reviews of Books I Haven’t Read Yet

Bless the nice folks at Macmillan, who make librarians feel super important by giving us fruit and coffee and veggies and fancy crackers and then showering us in lots of lots of ARCs. This is not the kind of treatment I get often, but when I do it makes my day. Wanna see what I got?

Let’s talk about this rad ass Wrinkle in Time bag, which got ripped almost immediately on the crowded N train. It’s still really freaking cool, though, and I’m going to use it anyway.
Wrinkle in Time graphic novel! Holy crap!
Halleloo! It’s raining ARCs.
Stack of books are for kitty butts.

So, here’s some stuff that I’m pretty psyched about. Some I got ARCs of, some not. I included 3 word reviews, because I haven’t read them yet.

Creepy mermaid time!

Monstrous Beauty, Elizabeth Fama, Grades 7 and up

Mermaids, curses, ghosts.

Look at this badass.

Because It Is My Blood, Gabrielle Zevin, Grades 7 and up

Sequel! Finally! Yay!


Tumford’s Rude Noises, Nancy Tillman, Picture Book


Best title.

Knuckle and Potty Destroy Happy World, James Proimos, Grades 2-5

Silly, cute, colorful.

The editor was pretty psyched about this one.

For What’s It’s Worth, Janet Tashjian, Grades 7 and up

Vinyl oujia Vietnam.

Wanna have a sleepover and watch The Craft?

Handbook for Hot Witches, Dame Darcy, Grades 7 and up

Gothy grrrrl power.

Fairy tales told in 15 words or less!
Look at that widdle bunny

Les Petits Fairytales, Trixie Belle, Melissa Caruso-Scott, illustrations by Oliver Lake, Ages 0 to 3

Short, sweet, kawaii.

Serious appeal.
I think these are going to be very popular.

David Macaulay Readers (Castle: How it Works and Jet Plane: How it Works), Ages 7-8

Macaulay leveled readers! 

A is for Musk Ox, Erin Cabatingan, illustrated by Matthew Myers, Grades K

Alphabet take-over.

 Broxo, Zack Giallongo, Graphic Novel, Grades 5-9

 Barbarian Princess. ZOMBIES.


So, those are the books I’m extra excited about. But, who knows? Maybe I’ll end up liking completely different ones from my stack of ARCs.

If you’ll excuse me, I have a lot of reading to do.

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

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