TiLT it Already!: Things I Love Thursday: Every Day is Save NYC Libraries Day and Other Information Necessary for Your General Well-Being

Let us offer a blood sacrifice of an impaled O’Reilly Factor for Kids to St. Jerome, the patron saint of libraries, in hopes that he will grant us a full restoration of library funding. In Nancy Pearl’s name, Amen.

NYC libraries are in a boat-load of trouble. We’re looking at mass-layoffs, library closures, no funds for books and other materials, and reduced hours. Boo! Not cool. NY-ers need their libraries and I need my job. Obviously, I don’t love any of this. BUT, I love that we are not helpless. We will not be shushed! You can do something RIGHT NOW THIS VERY SECOND TO HELP. I ENJOY WRITING IN ALL CAPS SOMETIMES:

  • You can sign a bunch of petitions for Brooklyn Public Library (NYC residents only), Queens Public Library (Any U.S. State), and New York Public Library (anyone in the whole world can sign, so that means you!). I signed them all and it took no time at all. After you sign, share your good deed with Facebook and Twitter. You’ll help spread the word and all your friends will marvel at how hot and smart and kind you are.
  • If you’re feeling generous, you can donate a couple of bucks to BPL, Queens Public, or NYPL. Any amount helps.
  • Buy a sexy-ass Brooklyn Public Library T-shirt from Brooklyn Industries. 20 percent of the proceeds go to BPL. Plus, you’ll get way more tail if people think you’re smart. A library shirt will help. I promise:

    You needed to replace your She Blinded Me with Library Science shirt anyway, you big nerd.
  • Come to Urban Librarian Unite’s 24 Hour Read-In! I’m super psyched. Get into it. I’m staying up the full 24 hours because I love libraries and I’m insane. See you on June 9th-10th.

♥ This is the new wallpaper on my work computer. It’s important to remember. I think you need it, too. Latrice Royale is my homegirl:



I also really dig this take:

♥ Have you registered for Summer Reading, yet? You don’t have to be a kid. Plus, you get to make a rad Summer Reading avatar. This is me, natch:

I’m the pink haired grumpy cat lady you’ve been waiting for.

♥ I love wearing glasses (Well, I also really, really need them. They’re not for show, you freaking hipster. I see you, hipster!) but I also LOVE makeup. I’ve been very happy to see two makeup tutorials especially geared towards peeps with spectacles:

Check out this chica on Hello Giggles! I can’t ever get my lipstick to stay like that all day, though.


I also adore this one that uses Lime Crime makeup (which is my current favorite brand):

Dang, girl.


♥ My friend Josh from Geeks Out shared this picture with me:

Read ALL the things.

♥  I am very much enamored by Mermaiden‘s new Pistachio zine. You can read it online here. Her aesthetic and color scheme are to die for:

All the best things.


♥  This Alice Through the Looking Glass poster is even more amazing once you realize that it contains the entire text from the novel:

Still she haunts me, phantomwise,
Alice moving under skies
Never seen by waking eyes.


ALA used my faux Rosie the Riveter picture. Viva la Emerging Leaders 2012!

Serving Emerging Leaders realness.

♥ Oy vey. I think I’ll end with this wonderful trailer for the book The Letter Q: Queer Writers’ Notes to Their Younger Selves. It’s not like I cried through this, or anything:

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

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