Book Seeding in Park Slope, Prospect Heights and Astoria: Serving Library Advocacy Realness

Queensians and Brooklynites! Did you find a very special book with a very special advocacy message in the past couple of days? Maybe I, your 3rd favorite pink-haired librarian left it there just for you!

Tim and I got ready to hit the town:

Look at that punim! (This is on magic filter, he doesn’t have orange skin).
#savenyclibraries! Get into it.

First, we harassed Mackenzi at SITE and dropped off some books on her groovy bench (I may or may not have purchased an Oscar Wilde Library candle there as well):

We book seeded at the many benches and bus stops:

Here’s a bench in Grand Army Plaza, right near Brooklyn Public’s Central Library. It is now home to two ARCs (Advanced Readers Copies) and a message about NYC’s Library Budget Crisis.
Tim walking away after dropping a book on one of Astoria’s many wavy-shaped benches.

The library seemed like an obvious choice to get out the budget message:

Book ninja fierceness at QBPL’s Broadway branch.
Drop off a book and take home another one, courtesy of Urban Librarians Unite. “Always Open”? I hope so. We’ll see what Mayor Bloomberg has to say about it.

T and I left one at the bank and called it a day:

Deposit your check, withdraw some Non-Fic.

If you found a book, please let me know! I hope to see you at the upcoming 24 Hour Read-In. Want to help? There’s still time to sign up and volunteer! Just drop us a line at savenyclibraries at gmail dot com.

~Love and Save NYC Libraries, Ingrid


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