24 Hour Read In Portraits: The last three before I decide that I want to die

I only made it through 17 hours of the Read In before I gave up and ran home crying and ranting. So it goes. I had to go to work today and be somewhat alert for an Emerging Leaders Skype meeting, so being tired and insane on the Monday after the Read In wasn’t an option.

My plan was to have a little Photobooth portrait for every hour I was at the Read In to fully document my descent into madness, but you start to lose track of time, especially when you run out of volunteers and you and the core team keeps the reading going in an endless loop of the same people.

12:30 AMish. Tim has been possessed by the devil or maybe too much coffee. I have the Read In madness.

4:30 AMish. I see the beginnings of sunlight. Or do I? I have no idea.
I’ve stopped changing positions or trying to sit up straight.

Somewhere between here and sunlight, I forgot to take pictures.

People started to show up again, and thankfully I didn’t have any more reading to do. I had started to lose my voice and exhibit frequent nonsensical outbursts.

My favorite part of the morning? Ryan Sias reading from his book Zoe and Robot: Let’s Pretend. Oh my goodness! This guy’s adorable robot and little girl voices paired with his robot hat? Adorableness incarnate. I can’t wait to use this book in a class visit.

My hero.

Do you see Bonnie the Bookworm in the background?

Not long after this, I high-tailed it home, watch a couple of episodes of Arrested Development (a good cure for all your problems) and fell asleep with Tim and the kitties.

Did you come to the Read In? What did you read?

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

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