Gay Pride in Jackson Heights

Here’s some belated love for Jackson Heights’ Gay Pride parade. If you haven’t checked out Queens’ Gay Pride parade, you’re missing so much. Get your butt to the outer boroughs, already. First, a little How to Dress Like a 30-something Urban Librarian:

Dress from Etsy. Sequined shrug, shell belt and cub scout hat: Thrifted. Charm Bracelet: Made with my own two dumb hands, inspired by directions from the Naughty Secretary Club DIY/Craft book.

Here’s Tim, who just finished his MLS!

I made him practice his marching.

Warning: I have a whole lotta pictures coming your way. I love Gay Pride! Look at all the colors and sequins! Swoon:

I miss seeing this magic in Jackson Heights every day. He’s my hero. (That’s a parrot on his head. I know. Amazing).
Check out his amazing poodle stroller! Poodle pram?
My little heart filled with joy when I saw the Gay and Lesbian Big Apple Corps. I talked to some members and I might audition after ALA 2012. What, you didn’t know I used to be a big old band geek? Hard to believe, I know.
I heart them. They’re incredible.
Radical Religion!

Oh hai!
Can I get an Amen up in here?
Tim got attacked by a bear.
It was the best.
Love the outfit, love the sequins, love the smile. Werque it, chica.
Viva la Jackson Heights.
Do not doubt our dedication to Sparkle Motion.
Then we listened to Martha Wash sing and it was INCREDIBLE. Diva can still sing. She is *still* our Weathergirl.
~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

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