TiLT it Already: Things I Love Thursday: I’m actually bopping around on planes to ALA Annual right now

Alternate title: Fear of Flying, not by Erica Jong, but by me.

Do I love Thursdays? I’m not sure. Right now, I’m not actually writing this. I’m full of LIES, readers. I’m really zipping off to Anaheim for ALA Annual (I wrote this ahead of time, through the magic of technology and shizz). I’m not a super great traveler. I’m usually next to someone who enjoys shoving their elbows into my ribcage or talking the whole time or has a kid that sits partially on my lap. We’ll see how I do.

I don’t have a fear of flying, really. I fear being stuck with people who have no concept of personal space. At least on NYC’s subways, unless the person’s totally batty, there’s a general understanding that people want to be left alone. I dislike leaving NYC. Bad things happen when a half-Jewish pink-haired girl like me leaves the city.

But that’s no reason for you not to love Thursday and love things in general. See how I turned this all around to be happy and stuff? Bet you didn’t see that coming. I bet you’ve never read a blog this well-written before.

♥ I found this vintage postcard book of Disneyland. I have no idea if I’ll be able to make it to Disneyland at ALA (I’m kind of a stress machine and I’ve convinced myself that nothing will get done and I won’t have any fun), but if I do, I hope it’s just like this and I get to buy mouse ears and rock them like Gala Darling:

I hope I make it to see you, even though my father raised me to hate Disney.

♥ Here’s a brief little I’m Reading This So Hard Right Now: I’m in LURVE with Raina Telgemeier‘s new graphic novel Drama. I am so super swoony and gushy over this and every time a coworker mentions they’re reading this or that they want to read it I immediately stop what I’m doing and start raving about my love of this. I’m not quite sure how to talk too much about Drama without giving too much away, but for kids I’d tell them that it’s like if Glee were tolerable. Actually, I’ve never watched Glee. Um, it’s about drama geeks and school and friends and love and it delves into some territories that are usually (sadly) left to YA lit. I’m in love with Drama (and not just because the protagonist rocks the hell out of purple hair with pink highlights). Raina lives in my town and I am hereby swearing to probably not stalk her:



♥ Have you showed Rookie Mag to your teens yet? I’ve already talked about my obsession and love for Rookie Mag, a site for teen girls (and adults Ingrids) that should have been around when I was younger. Photoshoots of non-gender conforming beauties is yet another reason why Rookie Mag kicks ass and Seventeen magazine is just another place to fill your head full of nonsense and consumerist crap:

♥ I made a little trip to Rhode Island a while back and got to stop at one of my favorite vintage stores up there, the Cheshire Cat. Here’s some pictures of some stuff, yo:

They laugh alike, they talk alike.

There is no escape from the dastardly Mickey. HIS NOSE IS GONE, so he can’t smell your fear, kids.
Serving Shirley Temple (Black) realness. This is her fairy tale book.
I kinda wish I got this and this porcelain lady up above. So cute! Stop the car, Tim. We’re turning around. I gotta see a lady about a lamb.

♥ In the throws of insomnia last night, I delved into a documentary called American Grindhouse (it’s streaming on Netflix, hunties. Get into it!). As a lover of kitsch, horror, and old movies, I was totally fascinated and got crazy with the screen captures:

This movie had lots of ladies in distress. They usually killed you later.
Best kind of orgy, if you ask me. Cue 500 insomniacs finding my blog by Googling “Librarian Orgy”. Sorry, y’all. Raise your hand if you love sexicolor!
It sounds great until you realize it’s BYOB. Ripoff.

There were a whole bunch of movies about 2 headed dudes:

John Candy doppelganger or actual John Candy?
They don’t laugh alike or talk alike. That’s a big ass turtleneck, guys.
The ad from the original The Last House on the Left, which I wouldn’t recommend watching unless you want to be in an emotional K-Hole for a week.

♥ Hurray for people finding Urban Librarians Unite’s seeded books! Did you find one?


♥ Here are some of my favorite library/book related posts of recent history:

  • Miss Julie’s article on library outreach and the glittery cockroaches that are children’s librarians. 
  • Sarah has some good reminders for those of you attending ALA 2012. I am totally guilty of snapping up ARCs that I don’t really need.
  • I really appreciated Marge’s thoughts on Summer Reading prizes, especially coming from a system that has very little money for Summer Reading incentives. We used to give out backpacks (OK, it was hardly a backpack, it was more like a draw-string bag, but they got a lot of use out of them. For some kids, it was the only chance at having a backpack for the school year), but that ship has sailed and we’re mostly giving out temporary tattoos and bookmarks. I’m less bothered by the idea of rewarding kids for reading (though I’m not sure that this works) and more bothered by giving away cheap plastic gifts that just end up in the garbage. Food for thought, kids.
  • Here, my boo Rita talks about what ALL NYC librarians are talking about: Where would you be without your library? Oh, and major congrats to Ms. Meade on her award!

  • Here’s a picture of someone from Queens Library totally working the activism steez:

    Roaring his terrible roar

♥ And a shout-out to non-library related posts, as all library and no play makes Ingrid something-something:

  • I have a pretty rational hatred towards Barbie, but that all goes to POOF! when I see vintage Barbies. Better hair, better makeup, cuter outfits. Andi B. Goode has some great pictures of vintage Barbie fashions that I wouldn’t mind having in my size:

    Midge is lookin’ mahvelous dahling.

♥ I’d like to thank everyone for the super sweet feedback I got on my Fat!So? post. Much appreciated. You’re all the best.

Alright, hunties. Mama’s all tapped out. Wish me well on my voyages and say hi to me in ALA Anaheim if you see me. I’m the dork with the pink hair and the neuroses.

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

2 thoughts on “TiLT it Already: Things I Love Thursday: I’m actually bopping around on planes to ALA Annual right now

  1. Shannon

    I just recently started reading your blog and I absolutely LOVE it! I put Fat?So? on my hold list right away! I love that you have pink hair, and I love your positive attitude. Keep on writing, you are spreading joy all the way to Michigan! 🙂

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