A Love Letter to my Emerging Leaders Group: Librarians Build Communities

I joined ALA specifically with the hope of being chosen for the Emerging Leaders program. The constant budget cut battle was getting me down. I was stressed at work–We were/are under-budgeted, under-staffed, and spread really thin. I didn’t feel like a real librarian, but more like a babysitter for adult patrons. I wanted a challenge. I wanted something to kick my ass and get me excited about librarianship again.

When I got chosen as a 2012 Emerging Leader, I was so damn excited. Of course, I didn’t know how much work was ahead of me nor how frustrated and exhausted I was about to become (I don’t blame my exhaustion completely on Emerging Leaders: I was also doing the Grand Ol’NYC Library Budget Dance and transitioning to a new library). Despite all this though, I was so glad I participated. I was blessed with an amazing Emerging Leaders group, two fantastic mentors, a project that I’m proud of and truly believe in, and a boat-full of inspiration and motivation to work harder.

Saying goodbye to our team was difficult. I won’t pretend that everything was smooth-sailing, but we got along *amazingly* well a majority of the time. There were very few snags or scuffles. I was sad to end the project. Over the several months of collaborating with this group of academic and public librarians, I got awfully used to checking in with these smart and inspiring people. It’s weird not hearing from them every week.

So, Emerging Leaders Group G: Librarians Build Communities? You’re the best. You did incredible work and I look forward to hearing about all the amazing accomplishments I know you’ll achieve.

Here are a couple of pictures from our poster session:

Jeffrey Loo and Coral Sheldon-Hess setting up our display
Some of the best and smartest people around, no doubt. Left to Right: Jeffrey Loo, Eboni Dickerson, Erin Davis, and Coral Sheldon-Hess.
The Glorious Ladies of Emerging Leaders. Here we are doing our best Rosie the Riveter pose. Well, to be specific, our best Lily the Librarian pose.
Here is the official logo of Librarians Build Communities, Lily the Librarian. She was created by the talented and infinitely generous Eric Conrad. I owe him many beers when I hit Baltimore. Isn’t she awesome? HEY, please don’t use this image unless it’s in conjunction with a Librarians Build Communities event. That would be supremely unrad.
I’ve emerged! Please consider me for your super exciting library projects!

Many thanks and much adoration to Jeffrey, Eboni, Erin, Coral, and our mentors Easter and Gina.

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

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