You got a dollar? We’ll take a dollar. We’re not picky.

DOOD. It’s the fourth of July, and what’s more American than freedom of information? Probz Kewpie Dolls and Spam in a can, but that’s not the point. The point is: Urban Librarians Unite has been kicking ass and taking names. We don’t ask for much. Yeah, sometimes we insist you cover yourself in blood and walk over the Brooklyn bridge or maybe we make you stay up all night reading until you’re crying on the steps of Brooklyn Public Library. It’s all in the name of saving NYC libraries! But really, seriously folks, we need some dough.

Says us:

It’s been a crazy exhausting exciting year. We won (woot!) no libraries closed, nobody laid off, five days of library service across the city still. Go Team! Now we need your help in a very very practical way. We need your help to pay our rent (pretty please).

No ULU does not have an office but what it does have is a tiny little storage space way up in the air. This is the cheapest of the cheap storage but it is ours and we love it. It gives our postcards, banners, booktruck, and puppets a home.

It is super easy to support us and you can get cool swag for doing so!

Hey. Money is tight. We know that. We’re not asking for a lot. A dollar here, a dollar there. We’ll appreciate you and love you forever. Consider donating if:

  • You ever use the library
  • You’re having sex with a librarian:

    I have no idea why I picked this GIF, really
  • You’re an actual librarian
  • The idea of a library-less NYC creeps you out
  • You think books are nice and smell good
  • You are afraid Lauren is going to fall out of the storage facility:

  • You believe that NY-ers should have access to their libraries and you want to help those who fight for libraries
  • If you think Christian Zabriskie is one badass ginger
  • You’re a wealthy duck who swims in money:

    Life is like a hurricane


We love you.

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

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