Apartamental: For Every Season There are Some Sequins

Do you dream your apartment has secret rooms just waiting for you to find?

Sequin star on my vision board, inverted for extra evil.
Peegy and Cat.
Tim’s vegan breakfast, fortified with vitamin Rad.
Rekkeds, Rekkeds, Rekkeds
Awaiting the inevitable vintage clothing intervention.
Venetian blinds are for chumps.
Tim’s birthday card. Now with extra glitter.
Don’t you think it’s time you adopted a cat?

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

3 thoughts on “Apartamental: For Every Season There are Some Sequins

  1. I am enthralled with everything about this post–except the cat. I do not think it is time for me to adopt a cat because I would die from fright. On this point, I think I’ve found our only difference of opinion, Ingrid. Have I mentioned that I have cat phobia???? I realize that this is very unlibrarian-like of me and I do apologize to my brethern for that. Are the vintage clothes on their way in or on their way out? It’s a wonderful litle circle, isn’t it?

    1. Those vintage clothes are here to stay. But I recently let go of a lot of stuff for consignment and donation. You’re right, it’s a great little cycle.
      Scared of cats? A little story about Lila, the cat in the picture: I was staying with my Gpa when he was very sick and his home health care worker was PETRIFIED of Lila. I couldn’t believe it–she only has 3 legs and is so docile. But the worker, Alex, would scream if Lila came near him (apparently he was attacked by a dog when he was a kid living in the Phillipines. He just didn’t like cats or dogs). One night, I heard Alex singing in Tagalog. I went into the living room, and there he was, cradling Lila like a baby. His explanation was that he decided Lila was more like a person than a cat.
      Anyway, people who hate cats love Lila. She’s the great equalizer. But, I promise to not send her to visit you! Pinky swear!

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