How to Dress Like a 30-Something Urban Librarian: What I Wore This Week Plus Some Crafty Stuffs

Monday’s Child is Full of Rad

All thrifted, except the gold bamboo earrings that make me feel like a tough girl from my high school circa 1994.
A Britney t-shirt with the arms and neck chopped off (only worn semi-ironically, as I love her circus outfits and I’ve been known to belt out Lucky to the cats) deserves a GIF. Always.

Tuesday, Wednesday-Heart Attack

Mostly thrifted (dig my AFSCME Public Service shirt?), except for Party City dinosaur brooch and space person skirt.
Expect a lot of posts about stuff I cover in glitter. Here, I painted a glass coke bottle with Mod Podge. Then I covered it in red glitter. Then I was very happy about all the glitter. These make cute vases.

This space person skirt comes from Roobys. I have three of her skirts and I love all of them. They’re kinda quirky pin-up, fifties but fun. I truly love her stuff and will probably get more. They’re super comfortable and extra cheerful looking.

Snagged these from Daffy’s. I like ’em. They’re high, but not unmanageable.

Wednesday I Got Caught in the Rain and Looked Like a Drowned Rat, So You Only Get to See My Corsage

Going off of Marie’s posts on Agent Lover and Rookie Mag, I decided to make my own corsages. They’re addictive. I can’t wait to make more. I bought two of these at about 3 bucks apiece:

I wish the craft store had more than two of these. #librarianworldproblems
Instead of hot glue like Marie (Agent Lover) uses, I used Gorilla Glue. Here’s some crap I glued on my corsage.
Every day is like Prom Day. (Chipped black polish just proves how tough I am).

Thursday: Beads in a Bottle and I Really Don’t Like Your Skinny Jeans, so Take Them off for Me.

I got a hold of  Tulip Beads in a Bottle and decided to szhuzz up a heart print scarf I got from the craft store:

Cute, but I had to mess with it.
Lila the three-legged love of your life, here to assist you with your crafting needs.
I clearly need practice. It’s best to take your time with this. I suggest practicing on a piece of cardboard. I still really like the way it came out, especially the way the white paint looks next to the blue paint.

Now to the rest of the outfit. It is well-known that stealing Tim’s Black Flag shirt is a favorite past-time of mine, especially when I’m grumpy.

This is not fake grump. I’m sorry Ms. Jackson. This grump is for real.
Did some jerkface tell you that just because you’re not a size 4 you can’t wear skinny jeans? Or is the jerkface the voice in your head? Skinny jeans come in rad colors and are comfy as hell. Look at my size 10 ass (or 12 depending on the make of the clothes) stomping around the city like it ain’t no thing. Wear what you want, dollface.
Don’t look at me! I’m HIDEOUS! Dude. You can totally see my cavities. Black Flag shirt stolen from Tim, skinny green jeans and platforms from Daffy’s, corsage and scarf somewhat DIY-ed, bamboo earrings (at least 2 pair) from American Apparel, sweater clip- thrifted, Yoda pin from Party City.

And Fridays I detest. It’s much too late on Saturdays and Sunday’s a day of rest.

Here I am, modeling the latest in sleep-deprived librarian fashion.
Scored this amazing vest from Fox and Fawn in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. People ask if I collected these badges from all over the U.S. Librarian, please. I’ve only seen the sights a girl can see from Brooklyn Heights.
I can’t tell you what this pose is about.

Vest: Fox and Fawn

Free Mr. Bates T:

Very necessary lollipop: SITE

What did your fine self wear this week?
~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

9 thoughts on “How to Dress Like a 30-Something Urban Librarian: What I Wore This Week Plus Some Crafty Stuffs

  1. Sarah

    It’s nice to know I’m not the only one to make semi-imperfect but CHARMING craft projects. 😀 I mean that awesomely.

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