Thrifting at Goodwill

Ombre tumblr scored from one of the best places in Astoria, SITE on 34th Ave. Why is ombre such a buzzword right now?

Ah, Sunday. It means calling 311 on my jerky landlords and vacating the premises in search of thrifty finds and pink and blue hair dye. First, we made a stop over at SITE to visit Ms. Mackenzi. We had a little kiki, met a kitten (OMGOSH! So adorable, in case you were wondering), purchased a super cute pink glass, said our farewells and bopped on over to the Steinway Goodwill. Here’s some stuff we found on the super cheap:

Odd but awesome unicorn plate.

I love the checkerboard pattern on these Coca-Cola plates. They scream very ’50s diner.
Stackable and stuff, yo!
Rainbow holographic picture frame? Where do I sign up? I’m thinking of putting in maybe some Mexican Day of the Dead art or something with Frida Kahlo or Liza Minnelli. I’ve got some choices to make. I dig this frame.
I dig wacky ice cube trays. Still sealed in the package! Originally from Fred Flare.
Who needs more books? Not this girl. Not this girl at all. And yet, here they are.

Not pictured: A Golden Compass t-shirt and yet another Boy Scout shirt that Tim spotted for me (I’m soaking them in hot water and detergent, like I do with most of my thrifty finds). I promise to wear my Boy Scout shirt while spouting lots of pro-tolerance sentiment, so no one gets the wrong idea. C’mon Boy Scouts! The time to hesitate is through!

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

6 thoughts on “Thrifting at Goodwill

  1. Great Finds. How about Liza Minelli meets Frida Khalo? Also, I had a dream that you dyed you hair with rainbow stripes and it was freaking awesome. It’s official, you’ve been made a part of my subconscious. Welcome– Rakisha

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