I’ll Tumbl for Ya Tuesdays: Vintage Veronica by Erica S. Perl


One of my 5000 bosses, whom I love dearly, found a copy of Vintage Veronica on our shelves and immediately thought it would be a good fit for me. She was right. A rad, fat, body positive protagonist who loves vintage clothes and works in a consignment shop? Sign me up.

The book is full of great clothes, donuts, and lizards. So, off I go into the Tumblr-sphere, picking up little pieces of Vintage Veronica-inspired joy.

“I’m that fat girl. You know, the one who dresses funny. The one who wears those ridiculous poufy skirts from the fifties that look like she hacked off the top of an old prom dress (because actually I did).” p. 1


“Veronicaaaa! Come get me! It’s soooo hot outside…The donuts chime in….Don’t forget about us! They’re those chocolate glazed ones, I can tell.” p. 7


“I’m also a sucker for anything with fruit on it. Cherries, pineapples, lemons…I even have a watermelon dress. The fifties were all about fruit.” p. 9


“From the rack, I choose a light blue sailor dress I’ve been sketching and get out my sketchbook…It reminds me of a dress I had when I was little. Not just young, but actually little. Like four or five, when the only hint of my future girth was my rosy round cheeks…According to the photo albums, my mom used to make outfits like this for me by hand. Back when she used to sew and didn’t cringe at the sight of me.” p. 29


“‘This is Violet,’ he tells me. ‘She’s a juvenile blue-tongued skink. Of all my pets, she’s…well, I don’t like to say favorite. But she’s really, um, special.’
‘Wow,” I say, unable to take my eyes off the lizard. She’s a pretty spectacular-looking creature. She almost looks like an elaborately beaded purse. ‘She’s…wow.'” p. 79


“I leave for work in a decent enough mood, all things considered, because it has occurred to me that by keeping Violet I have ensured that I will have at least one opportunity to see Len again. I dress nice just in case today’s the day: an old baby blue prom dress…and my two-toned creepers on underneath.” p. 176


“Her hair, which now has a couple of blue tendrils mixed in with the pink, looks like an ironic patriotic statement.” p. 177


“I add…my bowling shoes to complete the look, even though I will likely pay for this fashion choice in blisters.” p. 239


 Librarians should browse more often! I’m so glad this book was found for me. How do you find your books? Are you a strictly look-it-up-in-the-catalog chick, or do you browse or do you go by friends’ advice?

Please check out Vintage Veronica for a YA protagonist who’s fat but NOT trying to lose weight the whole novel. Plus, she’s got some pretty nice threads.

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

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