I’m Crafty and I May or May Not Be Your Type: Those Freaking Glitter Shoes Everyone is Making

I took some ugly Payless flats, made a cocktail of Mod Podge, fine pink glitter, and chunky red glitter (I mixed these three ingredients together in a washed out Thai food take-out container). I coated the ugly shoes in the Mod Podge glitter mishy-mosh. The shoes dried. Then my cat peed in them. Then I submerged the flats in a bucket of boiling water and lots of clothing detergent. I left them in there for a day. The pee smell left but the glitter stayed. I walked through a repulsive rainstorm and a totally flooded, filthy subway station and the glitter STILL stayed.

I heard that some people had issues when they coated the shoes in Mod Podge and then poured glitter on top. I heard that those people dealt with the glitter peeling off in chunks. I haven’t had that problem. The glitter remained after angry cat pee, boiling water, harsh detergent, and NYC rainstorms. I recommend my strategy. Plus, creating a mushy, sparkly goo that consists of glue and two kinds of glitter is really fun. Not to be missed.

I stare at my shoes all day.

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

2 thoughts on “I’m Crafty and I May or May Not Be Your Type: Those Freaking Glitter Shoes Everyone is Making

  1. sarah

    came here from your interview at dressed her days vintage and I have to say THANKS, my kid has loved glitter shoes since birth and those cheap kids glitter shoes (a) suck and (b) always lose glitter and I never once thought of GLITTERING SOME SHOES. I will totally try your recipe out as soon as I find some decent blanks that fit her! (also, subbing in reader, I ❤ your blog!!)

    1. Thanks for reading! People don’t believe that under all this glitter is a pair of black patent pleather shoes. All you see is red and pink glitter. I love them! I hope your kiddo enjoys a pair of nice glittery kicks.

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