Thanks for ruining picture books, man. PICTURE BOOKS ARE OVER!

We recently adopted the idea of Book Bundles at my library and the response has been pretty great. Our crack/cracked team of children’s librarians makes at least six of these bundles a day. The bundles consist of three or four books on the same topic grouped together. My boss read about the concept of these bundles and we took to making them right away. We’ve had bundles about cats, dogs, princesses, sharks, trucks, pink, “back to school”, wordless books, etc., etc. Bundles fly off the shelves throughout the day. I call it “one stop shopping”: the parent can see a topic their child is interested in and quickly pick up a little bundle on the subject.

Of course, after a couple of cups of coffee and prolonged exposure to Summer Reading madness, I had to get a little stupid. I figured I’d make a book bundle on birds and whoopsie-doops, this pops into my head:

So, my book bundle turns into this idiocy:

I did *not* like the end of it.
I was part librarian, part…librarian. (I know, I know. It’s the “dream of the ’90s”, not spirit. I have the Summer Reading crazies).

So, if you don’t watch Portlandia, I just totally wasted your time. However, if you need three picture books on the topic of birds, bop on over. Cacao to you not coming to my library!

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

2 thoughts on “Thanks for ruining picture books, man. PICTURE BOOKS ARE OVER!

  1. hi miss ingrid! these book bundles sound like a great idea! i finally had a chance to pop over here to your blog and i must say it’s refreshing to meet another book + animal lover =]

    i actually almost pursued a degree in library science but i decided to try my hand at bakery life instead. but sometimes i do wonder what everyone would have thought about my tendency to dissect old books and turn them into new ones. . eep!

    1. Hey chica!
      I just had a nasty commute (blog post to follow, yes, that bad) so this nice comment made me smile. Thank you.
      I think book art is *awesome*. I had my share at book-making attempts and believe me, they were books only a mother could love. If I wasn’t such a mediocre crafter, I’d give it another go.
      If I could properly frost a cupcake, I’d feel like I’d accomplished something. Thanks for dropping by. Don’t be a stranger.

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