OOoooh, on the Teen Library Council Tip OR Dumb Things to do at Your Library

We’re fixing on creating a Teen Library Council (TLC) or what’s often referred to as a Teen Advisory Board: a group of teens who help us decide what materials to buy, what events to plan, and what rules to enforce.

I had to whip up a flyer to get teens to join, so naturally I came up with this:

This is how YA librarians keep their sanity. Or, at least, how I do. #crazysexycool

Rakisha called being T-Boz first, which was fine, because I clearly wanted to be Left-Eye. Edwin was stuck with Chilli even though he wanted to be T-Boz. TOO BAD. Libraries break hearts every day. We tried to make him feel better by reminding him that he was in the “So Fresh, So Clean” video, but I’m not sure he’s happy about our final decision.

So, this is our new TLC/Teen Library Council picture for our fliers.

Don’t go chasing waterfalls. Join the Teen Library Council.

Looking for members of the Teen Library Council: WE DON’T WANT NO SCRUBS.

Does the library make you feel damn Unpretty? Join the Teen Library Council. (OK, I didn’t use this last one, but I should have).

Now, I realize that if you don’t know who these fine ladies are, I’m probably dating myself. In that case? GET OFF MY LAWN.

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

2 thoughts on “OOoooh, on the Teen Library Council Tip OR Dumb Things to do at Your Library

  1. hahahah. that photo is amazing! i like TLC, but i super loved Salt n’ Pepa…i ended up buying their album a couple years ago because i think it is a classic. it’s good to have a sense of humour…the only problem is when the teens have zero clue about who you are even referencing!

    Amy 🙂

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