Hell’s Gate Bridge Spank and the Glass Floor: Let’s Take a Long Walk Around the Park

I’m Vacation Ingrid, waking up without an alarm clock and leisurely sucking back coffee and petting big old Max cat, here to bring you your very own blog post. Me and my platonic life partners from Out Astoria trekked on out to Astoria Park for a little picnic. It looked a little something like this. First of all, this is my new favorite Astoria graffiti, high atop the Hell’s Gate Bridge:


Tim did a lot of being kind of adorable:

And I made lots of supah dumb faces ’cause that’s how I do:

We took a walk down by the water and realized that the “sand” is actually just lots and lots of broken glass.

Watch your step.


Lovely views. Don’t pass it on. We’d like to keep the rent down.

I have such a pretty neighborhood. Once in a while, I’ll pull my head out of my ass and take a look around.

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

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