TiLT it Already: Things I Love Thursday: Staycation Ingrid Edition

Just sitting around in the middle of the day in my underboos, drinking iced coffee and talking to a cat about Downton Abbey like it ain’t no thang. Here’s a smorgasbord, a smattering, a mixed confetti. Lick it up, baby. Lick. It. Up.

♥ My friend posted this on my Facebook wall, saying that it reminded him of me. I have nothing to do but take it as a compliment:

♥ It’s not like I’m obsessed with cats or anything or think they’re better than people. Ooh! Look at these leggings from Glitters for Dinner!

Yes. Come to Ingrid.

You should bop on over to Dreams Are Necessary. I adore Claire’s blog because we have the same taste in nearly everything. Here are a couple of her finds:

By the artist Dale Sizer.
Aaron Jasinski: “It Is All Illusion”
Alice in Wonderland Art from The Black Apple – The Mad Tea Party Print

♥ The cotton candy-colored sky we saw from the luxurious view off the 7 train:

♥ Urban Librarians Unite always has the best events. You will never forgive yourself for the rest of your natural life if you don’t attend the Bookeasy!

♥ WWPPD? What Would Park Posey Do? This woman is a national treasure.

♥ Here’s Tim and this somewhat scary clown graffitti that has popped up all over Queens. He loves it though. I remain afraid of clowns.

Send in the clowns. There ought to be clowns.

♥ I got these amazing vinyl wall decals from Site. They make my kitchen much more cheerful. I hate white walls. Blech.

The secret’s out. My coffee maker is really sad looking.

♥ Check out my Regretsy worthy wrist corsage. I’m going out with some of my boos for pre-birthday drinks and a new corsage seemed necessary.

You can say it. My hands look like those of a toddler. It’s weird. I deal with it.

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

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