The Contagious Librarian: Boogers and Books

Oh, the guilt and the shame of not writing a blog post since Tuesday. I had a cold from Hades that I still haven’t quite shaken. I had to skip some work and then tough out some sweaty, sneezy days behind the Reference Desk. I swear, children’s librarians should get extra sick days. I’ve had a kid use me as a human tissue before and I’m sure I’m not the only one. We catch all the colds. I’m a terrible patient; My coworkers were going to lock me in the craft closet. All I did was kvetch and whine and moan. When they weren’t annoyed by my complaining, I’m sure they had quite enough of my sniffling. One coworker said I sounded like my own tuberculosis ward. It was a lot like this:

Despite my booger-filled days, I had fun cashing in my Amazon gift cards for my birthday. Amazon is not my first choice for buying books (I tend not to buy books at all, and when I do, I like to get them from an independent store like WORD), but I love going on a gift card shopping spree from the comfort of my Kleenex-covered bed. Here’s my current reading list (yes, I tend to read many things at once. I’m a weirdo).

Everything I ordered from my gift cards, except for the Domino home decorating book. I love to read DIY books and not DIY anything. Otherwise, there’s the Buffy Season 8 in hardcover, Rookie Yearbook One (OBSESSED! Seriously, my coworkers are sick of hearing about how great it is), and some back issues of BUST.

My boo just got back from the NY Art Book Fair and got me this rad zine:

From the Life and Times of Butch Dykes series.
During that whole supermodel explosion in 90s, Jenny was the badassest model.
Not to mention really fucking hot.

I think it’s pretty well-established that I’m obsessed with Rookie Mag, which is G-d’s gift to teen girls and grown weirdo ladies alike. I couldn’t be more excited about their Yearbook One, an amazingly dreamy and colorful best-of complete with some pretty sweet extras. I read it compulsively at the YA Reference Desk, and I’ve been recommending it to girls and boys alike. Its beautiful pages are super eye-catching and therefore totally conducive to impromptu booktalks. OK, we don’t have a copy yet, but I’ve already begged my boss and she seems responsive to the idea. We’ll have to sort of agree that the book’s extras (a flexidisk, stickers, and paper crown) will be a loss, but overall I think the book will get tons of circulation.

Here’s the flexidisc (kind of a mini, floppy record) with songs by Supercute! and Dum Dum Girls.
Once I make amends with ripping this book apart, I will wear this paper crown everywhere.
The way to my heart is through stickers. While flipping through the book, a teen asked me if she could have one. HAHAHAHAHAHA. No.
This is what the book looks like next to a cat.

Until the next blog post, is there anything you wish I’d write about? Anything you’ve written or read lately that you think I should check out? Don’t be shy. Tell Miss Ingrid all about it.

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

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