I’m Crafty and I May or May Not Be Your Type: Alas, Poor Yorick! He was Fabulous.

No makeup or hairs did, not because I’m try to make a statement about lady bloggers always trying to be “on” (which is just total sillypants, we all look a little busted sometimes), but because I simply can’t be bothered on a Sunday with the remnants of the most lingering cold of all time.

I made a pilgrimage to the synthetic cinnamon-scented craft mecca, Michael’s, for some supplies for an upcoming YA horror book display (think bloody, but with glitter because I can’t help myself). Of course, I was totally susceptible to temptation. I had to pick up some Halloween-y type stuff for myself because Halloween is the best holiday and Michael’s is all full of glittery spiders and cats and skulls this time of year. I actually gave myself a day off for Halloween this year because it is SO GOOD IN EVERY WAY. Anyhoo, I found some pretty rad Day of the Dead-y stuff, including a papier mache skull (we also found a bunch of Halloween candy, we ate right out of the bag, until I was so over-sugared that I announced I was going to slap everyone in the mouth). I was just planning to coat it in pink glitter (which is admittedly my plan for anything), but once I got home, I decided this needed the sugar skull treatment.

I borrowed Tim’s paint markers and a fine point Sharpie and went to town. While I made this sucker, we had a solid viewing of Hocus Pocus (crazy Sarah Jessica Parker realness) and The Craft (crazy Fairuza Balk realness)(Also, did you know Robin Tunney was wearing a wig this WHOLE MOVIE? Her hairline was driving me NUTS. Turns out, it hadn’t grown in since she taped Empire Records).

I’m really tangent-y today.

This is the skull before it got its flair. You can see right into its soul.
Here it is part way into its vajazzle. Just kidding. Disembodied heads don’t have genitalia.

Then I made a cocktail of mod podge, pink poster paint, and fine pink glitter.
Then you gotta mix it around, mix it around.
Then I busted out my glue gun like a boss. I didn’t even burn myself whilst attaching tacky 99 cent store fake-o flowers.
I named her Leoni Sassafras and stuck her up on the Alice books next to Alice Doll. Done deal.

I have a headache and my eye is twitching. I gotta go.

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

4 thoughts on “I’m Crafty and I May or May Not Be Your Type: Alas, Poor Yorick! He was Fabulous.

  1. Impressive! But what got me laughing was this: “I was so over-sugared that I announced I was going to slap everyone in the mouth”. I shouldn’t read your posts when I’m working the public desk.

    I’ve found that both Michael’s and Hobby Lobby can have the best, most sugar-fied candy ever (especially the tubs of ambrosia at Hobby Lobby).

    1. We don’t have a Hobby Lobby. In fact, I’ve never heard of them. I sometimes wish we had an alternative to Michael’s, just for some variety.
      Wait, ambrosia in a tub? Explain? I used to make ambrosia in the deli I worked in, when I was in High School. But it was like coconut, mandarin oranges and sour cream or something gross.
      You’re working today? You poor thing! Hang in there!

      1. Jo

        Ambrosia is that weird coconut/mandarin orange thing, but it’s also a type of candy made with egg whites. It’s basically the texture of a circus peanut, is white, and has bits of walnut in it. VERY sweet….. but of course, I just had to try some and wound up having a few pieces and then feeling way too hyper when I was driving home.

        We have Michael’s and Hobby Lobby, so plenty to choose from.

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