Did You Ever Know That You’re My Hero? Everything I Wish I Could Be?: Fashion Icons: 90s Drew Barrymore

Marie, my girl crush over at Agent Lover, helped me see the majesty of 90s Drew Barrymore. She was a treasure. It’s not that she’s no good anymore, but she’s just lost that 90s daisies-in-the-hair over-grown pixie haircut sparkle. The 90s were her prime. Her Charlie’s Angel shit just didn’t cut it for me (though I should say that I thought Whip It was pretty fun). Thanks to Marie, I watched this horrid movie called Wishful Thinking. THE HUMANITY. Despite the fact that Drew is super dupes cute in it and has the most adorable candy-colored apartment AND despite the fact that it is well known that I love Jon Stewart in all his incarnations, this movie is the worst dookie-pie ever.  It’s a worthwhile watch due to Drew’s epic apartment and enamel flower pins (of which I have several). Know what? Skip the movie. You’re welcome. Just look at this:



Hey! My apartment is also full of useless mannequin heads! I’m serious. They keep accumulating. 
This was her whole steez in the 90s and it was working and then she left us.

The sexualization of Alice in Wonderland really bugs me, but this is just badass:

Remember when she was dating that tall string bean from Hole? Remember how cute that was?

Drew so crazy, I think I wanna have her baby.

OK, so I’m writing some actual big girl blog posts about books and crap, but you’re going to have to wait. Smell you later.

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

3 thoughts on “Did You Ever Know That You’re My Hero? Everything I Wish I Could Be?: Fashion Icons: 90s Drew Barrymore

  1. 90s Drew was so awesome, although she was pretty AMAZE in the Grey Gardens remake too. I love watching her on old Letterman, she seems like the sweetest person ever. Her book is great too! ❤

    1. magpielibrarian

      I did like her in Grey Gardens! I like *anything* having to do with Grey Gardens, Mother Darling, but you’re right. She was great in that. Though, the little girl in that insufferable show The New Normal gave her a run for her money. Did you see that? That little kid did a *killer* little Edie impression.

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