New York ComicCon!

It was a pretty dramatic two days at work, but this is not the first time I’ve had to have my boyfriend pick me up at work in order to dissuade crazy patrons from jumping me outside the library. I was a little down in the dumps, which is why it was so great when I got my boss’s Comic Con pass and she offered to take my desks for the day. I GOT TO GO TO COMIC CON! I had no idea I was going to get to go today, or I would have brought my camera and came up with an outfit. Oh well. It was super fun anyway.

I did not know that walking through all of ComicCon would be more exhausting than being at work, though. I’m beat.

Here’s my haul, full of book previews, magnets, stickers and some things I actually paid for.

Remember when I talked about teen romance comics in this post? Look what I found! A comic called Teen Love Stories, published in 1967:

With topics like “What Does Your Horoscope Say About Your Boyfriend!” and “What to do About Pot at Your High School!” and “Another Big Romantic Picture-Story That Will Make You Cry!”

The other magazine on the left is called TV Star Parade from 1961. I can’t wait to read about how Connie Stevens lost 40 pounds, even though this contradictory ad is on the back of the magazine:

This is for a product valled Super Wate-On that promises to fill out “skinny figures. No pads, exercise or overeating.” It’s made from a super-homogenized emulsion of natural fats!

Pictured, Jailbait perfume from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (it makes me smell like a baby prostitute!), book previews, stickers, bookmarks, a Rick Riordan water bottle, and a comic called Return to Wonderland that was hawked to me as being super dark and twisted.

So, naturally the vintage magazines, perfume, and Wonderland comic are mine, but the rest of the stuff I’m going to give to my lovely coworkers and the Teen Room teens.

My only complaint about Comic Con was that publishers were super stingy with the ARCs. I didn’t get a single full-length one. They were only being given out at specific times and the lines for them were absurd. I understand times are tough, but maybe an exception for people with the Professional Passes? Librarians will always talk up your books! We’re free publicity! No matter, I’m sure most of the ARCs I saw will wander through our office at one time or another.

All and all, my first trek to Comic Con was very enjoyable. I got to see my darling Josh from ModHero and GeeksOut. They were super busy. If you haven’t checked out GeeksOut yet, visit them at their booth or their website.

I’m going to read comics and vintage magazines and ignore everyone.

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

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