I’m Crafty and I May or May Not Be Your Type: As Seen In Your Local Teen Library

Just some stuff I’ve been working for to Ingridify the teen room. I feel like I used to post about new displays about every month, but since I moved to my new library, making displays has been put on the back burner. I’m ready to shift back into gear.

This one, for Halloween and horror books, isn’t so impressive:

I used white felt letters tinged with a bit of red marker. I asked my coworker, “Do these look like bloody tampons now?” Now neither of us can unsee it. The blood is made of glittery red foam stickers I cut into drips. You can see they’re a bit uneven at the top. I have had to reaffix them several times. They kept falling down.

I made a new list of Young Adult horror titles to go with this display. I have already sent the list to several Twitter buddies, so if you need it, hit me up. I’m at magpielibrarian at gmail dot com. I’d be happy to send you the pathfinder. These titles have been flying off the shelves pretty fast.

We have a small blank wall behind the YA desk and it was looking pretty sad to me. I made this banner out of notebook paper, some pink ribbon we had, and vinyl letters. The banner sports a not so subliminal message:

Read a book and quit bugging Miss Ingrid.

All I did was take the notebook paper and cut an identical triangle out of the bottom of the paper. Then I stapled each letter to the ribbon. Done deal.

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid


2 thoughts on “I’m Crafty and I May or May Not Be Your Type: As Seen In Your Local Teen Library

  1. Haha! It’s probably that the felt texture can’t be fully experienced through a computer monitor but I don’t see tampons. The glitter blood looks fabulous. YA Horror, yay!

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