I’m Reading This So Hard Right Now: Hurricane Sandy Reads

#LibrarianWorldProblems. This is a hashtag I use on Twitter when I’m complaining about something especially librariany. My major bitch of late has been that I have tons of stuff that I’m dying to read but no time to read it. Enter Hurricane Sandy, currently scaring the crap out of me but also giving me a couple of days off to dig into my to-read pile.

I am happy AND terrified! Of course, we stocked up on food, water, cat food and booze, but we also bopped over to Desert Island comics. Comics and zines are essential to my survival, but they add to an already precarious pile of not-yet-read books.

In the middle, purchases from Desert Island: Walking Dead: We Find Ourselves (vol. 15), The Runcible Spoon: An Independent Food Magazine: Issue 9, Vol. 3, The Gross Issue (if you can’t make it to Desert Island, you can get it here), and Bad Roommate Zine, edited by Nicole J. Georges (buy here, it’s hilarious and so gross).

In addition, I have Aya by Marguerite Abouet and Clement Oubrerie (why did I put this on hold? I can’t remember. I go on hold-putting binges and then can’t recall why.), an ARC of A Tangle of Knots by Lisa Graff (amazing! Magic realism cakey wonder!), and the HIGHLY QUOTABLE and all around kickass How to be a Woman by Caitlin Moran. This last one is rocking my universe. Here’s one of my favorite sections so far:

I realized that it’s technically impossible for a woman to argue against feminism. Without feminism, you wouldn’t be *allowed* to have a debate on a woman’s place in society. You’d be too busy giving birth on the kitchen floor–biting down on a wooden spoon, so as not to disturb the men’s card game–before going back to hoeing the rutabaga field. This is why those female columnists in the Daily Mail–giving daily wail against feminism–amuse me. They paid you ₤1,600 for that, dear, I think. And I bet it’s going into your back account, and not your husband’s. The more women argue, loudly, against feminism, the more they both prove it exists and that they enjoy its hard-won privileges.

Suck it, Ann Coulter.

OK, kiddos. I’m bunkering down with books and picklebacks and vegan red velvet cupcakes and Lifetime movies and kitties. Be safe.

~Love and Libraries, Ingrid

2 thoughts on “I’m Reading This So Hard Right Now: Hurricane Sandy Reads

  1. How to be a woman has been on my must read list for agessss but it’s always out at library! I’m not complaining though because it means people have good taste 🙂

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